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  1. SuchSmallHands

    Super Cheap Math, Chemistry and Legal Textbooks

    I'm moving house and do not want to carry HSC textbooks with me since I'm about to go into my third year of uni and should not own these anymore. If you're willing to buy a couple we can work out a v cheap deal, I just want them gone. MATH - 2U HSC Maths in Focus (2nd Edition) (I have...
  2. SuchSmallHands

    Selling PRELIM and HSC textbooks: MATH, CHEM and LEGAL

    Hey guys, finished HSC last year and finally emotionally detached enough to sell off the textbooks. Message me and we can deal on postage depending on where you live and whether you want multiple. Also happy to do deals on price if you buy more than one :) MATH - 2U HSC Maths in Focus (2nd...
  3. SuchSmallHands

    The Other Side of the 12 or More Units Debate

    Hey everyone! So basically as I’ve looked around this forum I’ve noticed that the general answer given to anyone considering 12 or more units (especially 13/14) for the HSC is something along the lines of ‘try it out until you have a clear idea of what to drop’, ‘don’t’ do it, just focus really...
  4. SuchSmallHands

    Eastern Suburbs Preliminary and HSC Chemistry Tutoring (93 HSC Chemistry Mark)

    Hi, my name is Rachael. I finished my HSC in 2014 with a band 6 (mark of 93) in chemistry after maintaining a first place ranking in my class throughout years 11 and 12. I have received an offer to study Advanced Science and Law on a scholarship at UNSW in 2015. My rate is $25/hour for both...
  5. SuchSmallHands

    Results appeal and assessment marks?

    If someone in a class (particularly first or last) were to get a much lower mark than they expected in the HSC and got their paper checked to find that there had been a mistake made, does the whole class get their marks changed to reflect the new range of external marks?
  6. SuchSmallHands

    ATAR Estimate?

    I'm so nervous for the HSC because I really have no idea what to expect my final mark to be. I'm at a smaller school outside of Sydney and there aren't many past students I can compare my results to so that I can know an approximate mark to expect. Here are my trial results, I did mostly...
  7. SuchSmallHands

    How did everyone go today?

    How did you guys find speaking today? My examiner was lovely and I didn't feel too nervous. Really screwed up on one word and got stuck there for a couple of seconds, other than that I think I did mostly okay, the questions I was asked worked well for me (had to ask the examiner to repeat one...
  8. SuchSmallHands

    Best on campus accommodation at UNSW?

    I'm looking through all of the different options for on campus accommodation at UNSW and I can't really work out the differences between a lot of the accommodation (they don't have a lot of pictures or floor plans). What's the difference between UNSW Village and a University Terraces, for...
  9. SuchSmallHands

    Years 9 & 10 5.3 Mathematics vs Years 11 & 12 General?

    Just wondering if anyone here did 5.3 in year 10 and took general for the HSC? I decided against taking maths in year 11 & 12, preferring to bridge it after the HSC, but I got an 'A' (have no idea what this means really, my school didn't give numerical final marks to junior students. I averaged...
  10. SuchSmallHands

    Double headed arrows in the HSC?

    In a recent chem assesment I lost a lot of marks for writing double headed arrows on acid base reaction equations (stupidly). However, my teacher was nice enough to give me 1 mark (out of 2) for my equations regardless, as they were otherwise correct. My question is, were I to make this mistake...
  11. SuchSmallHands

    Sneaking into lectures?

    I'm going to the university of Sydney for their modern history study day on Friday June 13. I don't often have the opportunity to visit universities as Sydney is a five hour trip from where I live, so I'd really like to go see a lecture. So my question is, are you allowed to just walk in and sit...
  12. SuchSmallHands

    Help with exam question?!

    Hey so this was a question in my HSC chem half yearly, answer is A. Can anyone explain why? Thanks :)
  13. SuchSmallHands

    UNSW v USyd for Science/Law?

    I had been pretty set on Medicinal Chemistry/Law at UNSW since the start of year 11, however someone has recently told me that in a b science at USyd with a major in med chem you do the exact same subjects, which means that both universities are now options for me. I know there are about 3...
  14. SuchSmallHands

    Related texts?

    I'm trying to minimise the amount of texts that I have to look at in English, and to do this I've been looking for related texts that cross over between After the Bomb (ext. 1) and advanced. However, I was wondering if it's seriously recommended against to used texts prescribed for other modules...
  15. SuchSmallHands

    EAS estimate for combined law? And AAA question?

    Does anyone know about how many bonus points I might be eligible for in combined law at UNSW with: - Attendance at a disadvantaged rural school - Long term medical disadvantage (multiple chronic illnesses, diagnosis and treatment process beginning at age 12) - Distance education courses...
  16. SuchSmallHands

    The Cyclohexene + Bromine Water Prac?

    I'm having pretty major problems with the equation for the C6H10 + Br2(aq) (OR as I've seen elsewhere, OHBr OR HBrO + HBr) reaction. To clear this up I stupidly decided to check out the standards packages as this question thankfully came up in the 2002 HSC paper. So the first example (talking...
  17. SuchSmallHands

    How does all-rounders work??

    Is all-rounders given to those who get 10 units of band sixes/E4s or is it that every subject counting toward your ATAR is in the top band? For example, English is my worst subject and I don't know if I can get the top band in two units of it, but if I get 10 other units in the top band will I...
  18. SuchSmallHands

    How much study should I (realistically) do while overseas?

    I'm going on an eight week exchange to France over the summer holidays and end of this term (leave next Friday). I'll be at school for all but a week and a half of this time, and have commitments with my host family. I also want to experience the culture and have fun while I'm over there. I was...
  19. SuchSmallHands

    Roll Call for any level of HSC French!

    Hey, so this forum's been close enough to dead since around the 2006ers, so let's try to revive it. I've seen a few people around BOS with some level of French in their sig, so I know there's a fair few 2014ers taking it. It would be a really great way to practice our written French on each...
  20. SuchSmallHands

    Go Overseas in Year 12?

    Hey, so I'm going on exchange to France over the summer holidays to help me with 3U French, but the exchange period would also incorporate three weeks of year 12 (end of term 4). Is this going to damage my ability to maintain my ranks (1st in everything at a rural comprehensive with cohorts of...