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  1. mckensara

    changing your timetable

    if attempt to change my timetable will i loose the one that i have now?
  2. mckensara

    International/global studies & law at USYD/UTS/UNSW

    i have no idea which one to choose as my first preference ( i have access to all three universities) does anyone do this degree who could demonstrate the downsides? right now i am pulled towards USYD, more or less because i have heard that arts is quite good there i am (i know, original)...
  3. mckensara

    combined law through broadway

    Just wondering what uai people got that was accepted for combined law under the scheme? and if anyone could estimate the amount of places in combined law, that would be an awesome help too! (edit) since i am only .35 out, i am hoping i have a 90-5% chance of acceptance...
  4. mckensara

    calculator accuracy for 99+?

    i have heard that if calculators give you 99+ they are fairly accurate because there isnt too much of a change from year to year is this true? my estimates range from 99.10 - 99.25
  5. mckensara

    Indochina predictions?

    not quite sure what to expect this time round what do you think they will ask :D
  6. mckensara

    raw marks for band 6?

    what is the raw mark out of 105 that should get you into band 6? thanks friends :)
  7. mckensara

    is anyone else..

    less stressed than they thought they would be? today i have just been reading over some notes, dont feel any panic... weird and new sensation for me. thoughts?
  8. mckensara

    repeated questions in the HSC

    its not likely that they will repeat essay questions that they used last year this year right? Has this ever been done. just looking for a little study strategy :)
  9. mckensara


    english 32/37 ahhhhhh not 37 87! hahah my badddd modern 2/44 legal 4/22 art 3/37 ext history 5/13 ancient 6/18 18th in the state
  10. mckensara


    which ones are you going for? :)
  11. mckensara

    to what extent can i expect my trial results to rise in the actual HSC?

    Hey all i got mostly low 80's for all my subjects, however i expect to get mid 90's. am i aiming to high? also, in English i got just above the average of the year in advanced which was 65%, as i got 67% in AOS 75% modules. yet, i go to a school typically ranked 18th i can...
  12. mckensara

    struggling to study?

    is anyone else finding it really, really tough to study for their trails? ive been fine all year, pretty solid momentum and what not but these last two weeks ive struggled to get three hours in a day. thoughts?
  13. mckensara

    English tutor needed in gordon!

    hey all i am in great need of an english tutor! i study Emily Dickinson (which i'm alright for) Frank/Blade runner The 50th Gate Hamlet i need to pull up my rankings so my whole UAI does not suffer Gordon library is really close to me so that would work well :) probably once a week...
  14. mckensara

    UAI estimation from my report? :)

    Here are my ranks Ancient 6/19 English advanced 34/87 Legal studies 3/22 Modern History 4/44 Visual Arts 5/38 Corse marks for each subject Ancient: 89 Median 79 English 79 Median 75 Legal 93 Median 74 Modern 87 median 74 Visual Arts: 94 median 87 I go to a school ranked...
  15. mckensara

    help! i burnt out

    i have exams this week in the two day period between my exams i havent studied... every time i try to sit at my desk and work i just cant all i want to do it sleep but its been 2 days... my exam is on monday. what the fuck do i do? i must have pushed it to hard in the holidays .....
  16. mckensara

    What will i need for 97+

    I take these subjects Mod Ancient Legal Art Ext History Advanced English - :(!!!! What marks /rankings will i need to get in these subjects to achieve a UAI of 97? My school is ranked within the top 20 schools, and my internal marks are in the top 25% of the year (most of the...