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  1. muzeikchun852

    INFS1602 or MARK1012?

    Has anyone done INFS1602 recently? I'm tossing between INFS1602 and MARK1012, but I heard MARK1012 is similar to MGMT1001.
  2. muzeikchun852

    Commerce Elective.

    Any suggestion on easy HD commerce elective (except the core/flexi-core)?
  3. muzeikchun852

    Level 1 Commerce Elective.

    Do you guys have any suggestion for easy level 1 Commerce electives, except the following: - Core & Flexi Core. - Finance courses. - ECON1202 & ECON1203. Thank you in advance.
  4. muzeikchun852

    Lecturer-in-charge as tutor - Good or Bad?

    as titled. would they be more strict in terms of marking since s/he is the lecturer-in-charge for the subject?
  5. muzeikchun852

    Marks before the finals for a D/HD?

    What's the general mark/percentage needed before the finals for a D/HD? maybe a little bit higher than 75/85?
  6. muzeikchun852

    take ACTL1001 if im not too keen on actuarial?

    im not too keen on majoring in actuarial but i want to try and see what's all the fuzz about. nevertheless, i dont see myself majoring in actuarial and i heard ACTL1001 is a WAM killer. so should i take ACTL1001 for my flexible core? if not, what should i replace it with (INFS1602, LEGT1710...
  7. muzeikchun852

    ACCT1511, ACTL1001, ECON1102, FINS1613 - hardest to easiest ?

    as titled. ACCT1511, ACTL1001, ECON1102, FINS1613 - arrange according to their difficulties from hardest to easiest. thanks in advanced.
  8. muzeikchun852

    SCIF camp ? When and Where ?

    any info about the scif camp would be great since i know nothing about it. thanks in advanced.
  9. muzeikchun852

    Which major are you gonna take for maths ?

    as titled and why.
  10. muzeikchun852

    What is actuarial studies ?

    A few friends want to do it and im quite interested as well. so what is actuarial studies ? what job does it lead to ?
  11. muzeikchun852

    What is actuarial studies ?

    A few friends want to do it and im quite interested as well. so what is actuarial studies ? what job does it lead to ?
  12. muzeikchun852

    Your longest lec/tut hours without breaks ?

    What's your longest hours that you have done without breaks ? What's the longest hours that you recommend ?
  13. muzeikchun852

    Best & Worst HSC Exam.

    as titled. Best: - OK: - Worst: - gonna update mine after i have done all my exam(:
  14. muzeikchun852

    Difference between finance and financial economics.

    as titled. thank you in advanced.
  15. muzeikchun852

    Compeition in Schools

    What's your school's competitiveness like ? nasty or healthy ? mine is okay. but when it comes to exams/trials, they lock themselves up and study.
  16. muzeikchun852

    CSSA 1995 & 2004 & 2005 answers ?

    anyone has the CSSA 1995 & 2004 & 2005 answers ? thanks in advanced.
  17. muzeikchun852

    is it easy to get a cadetship?

    is it easy to get a cadetship? because some people, whom i wouldn't consider them as academically brilliant, got accepted into one of these cadetships. what is a cadetship? and is it easy to get one?
  18. muzeikchun852

    Finished the courses by now ?

    English: 85% 2/3U Maths: 100% 4U Maths: 95% 2/3U Japanese: 100% Chemistry: 80% I'm quite concern with my English and Chemistry - i don't think we are gonna make it before the trials. :uhoh: How about you?
  19. muzeikchun852

    Finished all your coures and ready for trial ?

    mine is getting there: English: 80% 3U Maths: 99% 4U Maths: 90% 2U Japanese: 95% 3U Japanese: 90% Chemistry: 80%
  20. muzeikchun852

    ATAR Aim & desired uni course

    What's your atar aim? What course are you planning to do? mine: 95+, but no idea as to uni courses.