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  1. ml125

    2017ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Good luck everyoneeeee!!!
  2. ml125

    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 Ayeeee don't have to trek it between upper/lower campus like 3 times a day anymore lmao :')) gonna miss basser steps rip my legs are gonna look like shit now tho
  3. ml125

    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 Yeah my bus took around 50 mins rip, missed my chem lab T_T
  4. ml125

    11/10 omg but ye s a m e

    11/10 omg but ye s a m e
  5. ml125

    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 Should be able to log into uniwide with zid/zpass
  6. ml125

    Having difficulty finding particular quotes in letters to Alice

    I personally didn't focus on marriage when I did the course, however I did find a few instances in which Aunt Fay explicitly compares the two perceptions of marriage - can't seem to find the chapter references, though; “So to marry was a great prize. It was a woman’s aim [...] It is the stuff...
  7. ml125

    Shuu bb inbox is full rip

    Shuu bb inbox is full rip
  8. ml125

    Post Your 2017 University Offers Here

    Currently teaching myself the stuff I missed out in 4u so I don't get rekt. Before I was given an exception, I was initially told that I would have to take up my offer at USYD - then transfer to UNSW once I turned 16 if I still wanted to do the course.
  9. ml125

    Post Your 2017 University Offers Here

    Turns out I initially didn't get made an offer since I'm under 16 - but since I was given guaranteed entry they're making an exception because they need to uphold it :'DDD Advanced Science/Engineering @ UNSW :3
  10. ml125

    Post Your 2017 University Offers Here

    Got guaranteed entry for UNSW Adv Science/Engineering but didn't get an offer??? I've called up enrolment support but they have no idea what happened, said it might be due to my age (((rip))) Gonna call up the admissions office in the morning, hope it's just a mistake T_T
  11. ml125

    I have PM'ed you :)

    I have PM'ed you :)
  12. ml125

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Ahh ok do you want us to add you to the chat? Yep, pm me :)
  13. ml125

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    I'm pretty sure we won't be hanging around there long - Sien should have your number right? We'll get her to text you our location whenever you're planning to join us haha ~~
  14. ml125

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    ^ I have no idea where it is tbh I'll be joining them later on so xD At this point: me, Paradoxica, KingOfActing, Sien, UnbiasedProductivity, si2136(?) and BandSixFix Nail and DAL bailed smh :/
  15. ml125

    The Asian Music Thread

  16. ml125

    First year chem help

    You can't necessarily do that with this question, as acetic acid is not a strong acid - it does not completely dissociate in water. First, you need to find the moles of excess acid following the reaction, which would be 0.013-0.006=0.007. As shown in the answers you then use the ionisation...
  17. ml125

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    thought so rip
  18. ml125

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    When someone lowkey finds out who I am on HSCDG - was that any of you guys lmfao
  19. ml125

    Chemistry paper thoughts

    They'll usually mark it if you haven't written anything that contradicts it Feelsbad did a good half a pg of working in trials, crossed it out - wrote like less than a sentence that somehow denied its validity. Turns out initial working was perfect ggwp bye 4 marks
  20. ml125

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    pls you wrapped up a solid yr ago fam ------ I'm surprisingly awake, probs the caffeine rip I want to sleep but at the same time I'm completely paranoid that I haven't covered everything S i g h s Will aim to sleep before 4