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    Multiple Choice

    Somebody plzzz upload the paper! hahaha farout
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    General Thoughts: SOR I

    Same, i remember i put one correct and one incorrect, forgot which ones were which though...
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    General Thoughts: SOR I

    Section III was brilliant! Someone upload the paper please!!!
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    Predicted marks

    yeah, definitely
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    Predicted marks

    Section I: 15/20 Section II: 35/40 Section III: 19/20 Section IV: 17/20 Predicted mark: 86/100
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Yeah, someone upload the paper!!
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    Section II - Short Answer

    It would be really harsh to take it off u tbh. I'm not even sure if I did that lol.
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    General Thoughts: Economics

    ahh crap, you've scared me man. I thought I did OK in mc, now - not so well... :( I liked my essays though! And the short answers were decent, except for CAD, had a mental blank kinda
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    General Thoughts: Economics

    Someone upload the paper please! :)
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    Help on multiple choice questions?

    crowding out effect
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    band 6 cut off?

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    Quick query!

    hmm ok, makes sense, that's probably what i was going to do anyway. cheers :)
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    Quick query!

    yeah yeah, i know the difference :) So if the question only says find "all stationary points", we only do f'(x), not f''(x) ?
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    Exam paper structure.

    It was easier before!
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    Quick query!

    Hey, For questions that ask "Find all stationary points of f(x)" Do we have to find possible inflexion points as well? because for some questions, it says this and then the next question will say something like "Find the inflexion point of f(x)" So do we find both just to be safe, because...
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    How to know the difference between...

    look at the powers. if the denominator has a higher power of one more than the numerator, then it integrates to a log. is that what you're asking?
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    Gonna fail Econmics

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    Yeah, i wanna know this too!
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    Maths derp moments

    Year 8 Half-Yearlies, how many cm in a metre, it was multiple choice, i put 10cm :L Got 79/80 as a result... SO FRUSTRATED WHEN I GOT MY PAPER BACK!