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    Quick query!

    Hey, For questions that ask "Find all stationary points of f(x)" Do we have to find possible inflexion points as well? because for some questions, it says this and then the next question will say something like "Find the inflexion point of f(x)" So do we find both just to be safe, because...
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    Are we allowed to use the texts from Section 1 as a related text for the AOS essay?

    Just curious. I've got my first related text, but my second related is REALLY weak, so I was just wondering if it's allowed. So if the AOS essay questions ask for 2 related texts, I plan on using my first related and just like the short story extract (assuming there will be one) Thoughts?
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    ATAR Estimate - Post-Trials

    Hey guys, my school rank las year was 199, however our cohort is quite strong, so I'm guessing it might be closer to 150 this year. What ATAR do you reckon I'm headed for?: Eng. Advanced: 24/65ish Mathematics: 1/50ish Mathematics Extension 1: 2/20 Economics: 2/20 Legal Studies: 1/68 SOR (1...
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    Superannuation Help!

    Hey guys, I've been looking at this question for like the past hour and I still don't get how my answer is wrong. (I've probably made a silly mistake somewhere :L) anyway, the question says: A superannuation fund paid 6% p.a. for the first 10 years and then 10% p.a. after that. if Thanh put...
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    DMO's or OMO's?

    What's the proper term I should use in exams - Domestic Market Operations (DMO's) or Open Market Operations (OMO's)? I know what they are and stuff, it's just that Dixon (2012) uses the term DMO and Riley (2013) uses OMO, so I'm not too sure which one is correct... Thanks in advance :D
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    ATAR Estimates Please!

    There are three of us, could you give us an estimate each please, we go to the same school, rank ~190, cohort is around 270 people. Person 1 Chemistry - 4/19 Physics - 1/19 MX1- 2/20 MX2: 1/5 English Advanced - 15/70 Person 2 Chemistry - 1/19 Physics - 2/19 MX1- 3/20 MX2: 2/5...
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    Mathematics Loan Question

    Can you guys help? Thanks :) Ari takes out a loan of $360 000. The loan is to be repaid in equal monthly repayments, $M, at the end of each month, over 25 years (300 months). Reducible interest is charged at 6% per annum, calculated monthly. Let $A be the amount owing after the nth...
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    Fluctuations in Australia's External Stability

    Q27 of the 2010 HSC: Analyse the causes and effects of fluctuations in Australia's external stability Can anyone please give me an outline as to how I should answer this question! I know generally what External Stability is, its main components (CAD, NFL, AUD), I know some causes, I also know...
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    ATAR estimate please :)

    Here are my Prelim ranks. My school rank is 200ish English Adv: 64/101 Math: 3/75 Math Ext: 2/25 Physics: 4/25 Economics: 2/25 Legal Studies: 8/75 SOR 1 unit: 13/102