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    l recieved a WD

    for my comp1911 exam, there were 6 questions. l didn't attempt 3 of them so for my provisional mark l received a WD, which means "Result not finalised. The student has not submitted or completed one or more components of the assessment requirement." although l really don't know how l can...
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    scaling/moderating marks?

    do our marka get scaled or moderated like for the hsc? or do we just receive the marks we got? because l probably got like 20 raw in my physics exam which seems to be not very far from the average mark.
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    question on physics lectures

    as you can see here, lecture A is full. so l had to enrol for lecture B which requires me to get up at 6:30 twice every week (mind you, l am NOT a morning person. at all). my question is, can l attend lecture A this semester without enrolling for it? plus, Wolfe seems much more cooler, throwing...
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    physics lecture- is it worth going to?

    there's only one class that l have to go to on tuesday- the phys1121 lecture which goes for like an hour l would much rather take tuesdays off than spend like 4 hours of travel for one lecture is it okay if l skip an hour every week? is it really that important?
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    l can't enrol!

    l'm doing aerospace engineering. so l kinda have to take ENGG1000 (Introduction to Engineering Design and Innovation) but l want to take MATS1101 (Engineering Materials and Chemistry) as well as my 1st year elective but for ENGG1000 there's a lecture at monday 2-5, and there's another lecture...
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    who else is surprised with chem and phys?

    l got 80 for chem and 82 for physics. l thought l'd get band 6 for both. seems that nobody here got more than 91 for them. what the hell happened? it was an easy exam but it wasn't THAT easy.
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    school rankings?

    is there like a website where l can find the ranking of my school?
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    english cut offs?

    l know most of us did bad this year, and only a small percentage were prepared with the correct responses for AOS (belonging through time) so l'd expect the cut offs to be pretty small compared to other years l got a raw assessment mark of 71, and l'm expecting a raw exam mark of 60. what band...
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    band cut-offs?

    l did pretty poorly in my assessments and l calculated that l got a raw mark of 58% what band would that be alligned to? and what would the cut offs be? l will probably get a raw mark of 40% in the exam though because l didn't study, l had 3 exams in a row (maths 2u, engineering, 3 unit) and...