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    2016 UNSW Interview Offers

    Post using this template Offer: Umat: (percentile, overall) Predicted ATAR/GPA: (Nonstandards need to give both) Interstate: Applicant Type: (School leaver, Nonstandard, International) Special Consideration: (EAS, Rural etc)
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    hey beep

    hey beep
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    Trial papers

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    Hi, could you send a sample of the notes to dalonga88@gmail.com, would be much appreciated.

    Hi, could you send a sample of the notes to dalonga88@gmail.com, would be much appreciated.
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    FREE notes! 'Belonging: HSC Marker's Tips'!

    That's awesome! yes please!
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    Community MX1 Paper

    Count me in!
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    What topic are you doing in MX1 Prelim right now?

    Further Graphs and Locus Quadratics Trigonometry Expansions Radian Measure Limits and Calculus Products, Quotients and Function of Function Calculus of Trigonometric, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Applications of Differentiation Inequalities Further Trigonometry Polynomials...
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    Hard Geo and sqsrs question from james ruse 2006 trial

    I) let angle AOB=α and angle DOC=β, Arc length=rα+rβ =r(α+β) but angle ADE=α/2 also angle DAC=β/2 but angle DEC=angleCAD+angleADE θ=α/2+β/2 2θ=α+β Arc length AB+CD=r×2θ...
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    Past Papers Needed?

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    UNSW Comp

    I will have fun doing it tomorrow(note the sarcasm), and good luck to you on Wednesday
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    UNSW Comp

    I would just bring my own summaries of topics and textbooks or notes that go through any topic to do with patterns like series and sequences and binomial
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    UNSW Comp

    yep according to our day sheet that we are doing it tomorrow. Could all students involved in UNSW maths competition be at hall by 8.20 the competition will run 8.30 to 11.30.
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    UNSW Comp

    We are doing it tomorrow from 8:30 to 11:30
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    to james ruse people out there

    No, at Ruse there are around 96 students allowed to do 4u and the rest do 3u and around 8 to 10 do 2u.
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    Physics (Projectile motion)

    PEAK hw?
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    yes,we get ranks since year 7
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    Go to James Ruse and still can't find motivation

    Just follow Mr Alder's line of inspiration ...GO TO CUMBERLAND...