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    Clincial Science--->Medicine Pathway

    I came across this rather interesting section in description of Bachelor of Clinical Science degree at Charles Sturt University. Additional information: A total of 10 places in medicine and 10 places in dentistry have been set aside for the top graduates of this degree who meet the...
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    Accpetance of offers: CSP/DFEE

    Just a quick question everyone. I have received a Commonwealth Sponsored (CSP) offer for one degree and a Full-FEE (DFEE) offer for another degree. Is it possible to accept both offers for present and withdraw from one of them before the census date, or do I have to make up my mind by the...
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    Haneef gets his Visa back.

    Looks like Dr. M. Haneef can come back to Australia to complete his medical training should he chooses. Hope this is the end of Saga surrounding the controversy, though I have a feeling he might demand compensation for mistreatment including what may prove to be a wrongful detention. Your...
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    NRSL entry into Pharmacy

    I am applying for Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney as a non-recent school leaver, with my tertiary academic records in consideration. I wonder if anyone know what the recent cut-offs have been for NRSL entry into B.Pharm course. While I know that they want distinction average...
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    USYD Pharmacy Transfer

    I am thinking of applying for admission into Bachelor of Pharmacy course at USYD for 2008 as a NRSL applicant with a tertiary study record. When I make my application through UAC in August-September, do I have to send them the academic transcript from the current institution to UAC so they can...
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    Pharmacy and Medicine

    Is there any legislation or accredition board's regulation that will prevent a pharmacy graduate (whether registered or not yet) from enrolling into and completing Graduate-entry Medicine course and vice-versa (Undergraduate Medicine and then Bachelor/Master of Pharmacy)? I know that these...
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    Toastmasters, anyone?

    Are there any BOSers, especially those currently in a university who practice public speaking with a Toastmasters International club? While I like what I'm doing there, sometimes I am intimidated by all the older and more experienced people around me, and I am interested to know if there are...
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    Pharmacology Major

    I am wondering (due to the simple fact that I am interested) whether it is possible to complete the Pharmacology Major in B.Sc. at advanced level. There are sufficient number of senior advanced pharmacology UOS to enable the graduation with Pharmacology Major at advanced level, but they do...
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    Going to all three days of O-week?

    Is it normal to go to all three days, or do people usually go to only one or two days at their leisure? I know this thing is not compulsory, but want to missout on too much thing by going only one day. And I would like to convince a couple of my friends to come along.
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    Any Bonders?

    Any BOSers going to Bond in 2006?
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    Winter Olympics Thread

    Let's discuss the winter olympic now underway in Turin, Italy. I will start the discussion by predicting that Australia will finish with two gold medals at best, bringing the historical total to 3-4 gold medals (though the first one was very fishy).
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    To accept or not to accept?

    Greetings. I've just received an offer in the late round for Bachelor of Science (Advanced), after getting into Bachelor of Medical Science in the main round. I didn't really expect this late round offer, but it has its own merit, and the time has come to make a quck decision, on whether to...
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    Commerce cut-off

    Does anyone know of an instance of someone getting into Bachelor of Commece/Bachelor of Science (UAC code 512096) this year despite getting UAI lower than published cut-off of 94.70? Ta.`
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    Scared about the Units of Study choice?

    Okay, the deal is that on enrolment day, I have decided to enrol for advanced subjects in Mathematics and Chemistry, but am not sure if I have made a right decision now. For mathematics, I did do Extension 2, and chose Advanced subjects accordingly (MATH 1901-1903, 1905), but now I think...
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    Making your Uni Timetable

    Just wanted to know, do we have to choose exactly which time of the week we want to have our lectures and tutorial during enrolment, or do we just have to decide on units we want to take? I already know what units I want to do, but do not want to lock myself into certain time cos I might want to...
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    Transfer (!) into Medicine?

    Have anyone here attempted UMAT in their first year of University and transferred into undergraduate medicine course the following year in UNSW or Newcastle? I guess in strict sense this is not transfer, but bailing out and starting a new course...and they are hard to do, studying for UMAT and...
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    Univeristy Application for 2007

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to get a University Offer for 2006, and defer it, and apply for another course at the end of year for 2007 entry without risking forfeiting the original offer? Like if I apply for a course at the end of year and do not make it, can I take up the offer that...
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    Reuse of UAI possible?

    If I start on first year University and find out that the Course that I've selected doesn't suit, can I bail out and apply for another course thorugh UAC at the end of this year, using the UAI that I have received the previous year? If so, for how many years is a UAI valid for application?
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    Majors in Science/Medical Science

    Happy New Year to everyone. The firework was awesome. How many majors can you take in Bachelor of Medical Science and that of Science (Advanced) at USYD? I heard that you can do (and most do) two majors for Science (Advanced) but usually only one for Medical Science. This would certainly cut...
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    Transfer for Science USYD

    Hello, could anyone tell me, whether it is possible to transfer between specialist and generic science degrees at USYD? For example, a scenario might have a person doing Information Technology (512073) or medical science (512080) at USYD wanting to transfer into Science Advanced (512041). Is...