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    2016 UNSW Interview Offers

    Post using this template Offer: Umat: (percentile, overall) Predicted ATAR/GPA: (Nonstandards need to give both) Interstate: Applicant Type: (School leaver, Nonstandard, International) Special Consideration: (EAS, Rural etc)
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    ATAR estimate and opinion please

    Hey guys, could you give me your opinion on what Atar my cousin would get? Today after our family gathered, my mum told me that my cousin got a school estimate of 99.90 and potentially 99.95 .When I asked my mum, she told me that cousin's ranking at her school are all single digits except her...
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    Math 2 UNIT/ EXTENSION 1 HAHS trail papers

    Since trials are just around the corner, I hope these help. PM me if you want worked solutions.
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    What rankings are required for 99 at Ruse?

    English Adv? English Ext1? Chemistry? Physics? Bio? Maths Ext1? Maths Ext2? Ag? Just curious...
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    How many MX2 and EE2 students at your school?

    Just curious as to the number of 4 unit students at various schools out there and how competitive it is to get in these classes? we have 2 students doing MX2 and 4 doing EE2.
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    Knocking Rusians off the podium

    2011ers,Hsc exams are over for most of you, In saying that, someone, be it Hornsby Girls or North Sydney or Baulko or even Sydney boys,please knock these turds off. Also in your opinion,which school is the most all rounded in terms of both academics and sports???