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    Fawuns atar estimate

    For half yearlies now that i have my official ranks rather than my guesses lol English advanced: 41/60 3U maths: 7/25 4U maths: 3/6 Economics: 12/19 Modern history: 1/15 School rank: ~150 Thanks brosefs
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    This is my journal i hope you enjoy reading how much work i'm going to do for the next 10 months ok Today: - Wrote one sentence for my english essay
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    Complex Numbers

    Okay I'm all good with everything in complex numbers except vectors and that shit fucks me up lol. So I need help with this question: OPQR is a square in an Argand diagram where O is the origin. The point P is given by z = rcis(theta). Find the complex numbers represented by Q and R like...
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    Math help

    Question 1: g) and l) please Thanks :) ... if you can see it lol because I don't know how to use latex
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    Should I do Chemistry?

    Okay hopefully i'll remember that by then. Hey is it true that you need to do chem to be successful?
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    Why can't I use the search function

    Every time I try to use the search button, it comes up like this
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    Tips on creative writing?

    I have an assessment on Thursday and it's a creative writing task. Can you please give me some tips on writing? I'm not good at creative writing because I always find myself wasting half of the given exam time thinking of what to write and spend the rest of the time rushing through the story and...