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    Help asap

    That is probably why they are banned...
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    Coles Myer Employment Process

    LoL Don't wait! They won't get back to you! Meh, I've got my interview today @ Myer Sydney...
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    Shady01 - Yes your right (about the fact that you CAN change), if you got in through all the steps for Aero, but you didn't get the UAI, just ring your defence interviewer and say you want to change your course. I know this because on my OSB, a girl (second time she did her OSB) who passed the...
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    I believe that means your Guaranteed, Congrats =]. The selection pool letter is different...I know because I got it. When did you do your OSB by the way?
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    Hey! I wanna do exactly the same thing your doing - Ba. Science and GSO in the Army, so if all goes well i might see you next year . PS. If you have MSN would you mind pm'ing me your email so i could ask you some questions? thanks alot
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    Half-Yearly Reports

    waa? you got your results to your trials already?
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    Hey all, Yes its another adfa thread but the last one died out somewhere so im wondering, can anyone tell me there experiences through the application process and interviews please. Also, id be really receptive to any tips you guys might be able to offer, Xayma expecially ^^. btw..as it stands...
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    Re: anyone going to ADFA Hey, I just received my package for JOES, are there tips you can give me UglyJack007? and also can you just write abit about your experiences and stuff. Im kinda scared about the JOES with the med tests and all.
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    16 Year olds doing the HSC

    I was accelerated as well, ill finish my HSC while im still 16. But ive stuffed up alot of my assessments. I still hope i can get 90+...
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    10 Units or more for Year 12? What are you doing?

    mine is: Maths ext 1 Chemistry English Advanced English Ext 1 Englist Ext 2 Legal Studies Biolody so....13 units in all.
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    Change - Related Texts

    Try Seachange Ep1- Ep3.. they are really relevent to Changing self and perspective!
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    What HSC subjects do u do?

    i do. Mathematics + Extension 1 : i don't really like maths but..yeh im kinda forced to do maths. English Advanced + Extension 1: i like english (and am alot better) then maths. (planning to do Ext 2). Chemistry Biology Legal Studies.
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    School / Subject

    Fairfield High School.
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    Texts on Changing self.

    Any suggestions/ideas?
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    My Subjects..and Hi!

    yuP im keeping legal studies..and my sciences since im planning to to science in uni. i wanna study applied chemistry (honours) majoring in forensics sciences. ^.<
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    My Subjects..and Hi!

    yes..iv heard about the fact that you have to scrap your ideas and look for news ones really often.. and i can imagine that it would be quite rewarding after all the time and effort you put into it.. my aunty's extention 2 short story got a 49/50... btw... excuse my lack of grammar its...
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    Where are you ranked??

    hahah OWNed!
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    My Subjects..and Hi!

    2U maths is pretty crappy IMO....acutally i would have done it..but my parents are.....asian...so they force me to do 3U maths at least! 'Days till longhorn beta1: 30' w0w..are u serious?..can you give me the details and stuff?
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    My Subjects..and Hi!

    my maths relatively weak (which is ironic because im asian) compared to my english and sciences..
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    Where are you ranked??

    mm..for me.. Chemistry - 1st Biology- 1st Legal Studies -1st.. English Adv - NA (i.e slightly above average) Englist Ext 1 - 3rd. Maths -NA (same as Eng adv)