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    UniLodge Internet Speeds

    Hi Guys, I'm on a mission to gather as much data as I possibly can about Big Air Networks. Apparently they used to have a facebook page, but that page appears to have completely vanished from the internet. So with that in mind, can anyone staying at UniLodge (irrelevant of what University)...
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    Creative Writing Check

    Hi guys, I'd love if someone could look over two stories, and tell me which one is the better of the two. I'm not exactly in my teacher's good books at the moment due to me writing another short story this close to the exam, but I ceased liking my old one, and I thought I would have a go. If...
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    The Math Project

    Ok, so after extensive research and whatnot, I have found that there are few notes on the web that are free, and cover ALL topics for HSC and Preliminary Mathematics. With this in mind, I have begun learning the syntax of LaTeX, with the intention of going through past papers from the last...
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    Advanced Calculators

    Hey Guys, I'm itching to ask. Why the hell does BOSTES ban the use of graphing calculators, when they're allowed in all manner of other countries?? I would assume Universities don't really care about using one or not, because seriously, we live in a society where people don't NEED to remember...
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    Mathematics... I'm struggling.

    While the title is the biggest understatement of the year, the concept still applies. But here's what really makes me :mad3: Our school uses the Maths In Focus textbook, and I completed all the questions in the exercises from the HSC Trigonometric Functions, and had a topic test on it. One of...
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    Trigonometric Graphs... help D:

    Ok so basically here's my issue down to the simplest possible statement: I'm having trouble graphing these because I don't understand the method we're being taught. More Depth: Our teacher used this website as an example for graphing: http://www.purplemath.com/modules/grphtrig3.htm (Pages 2...
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    Preliminary 2U Maths Question

    hey guys, this is a particular type of question. I don't really know how to go about solving questions that mention an angle. Example: Find the gradient of the straight line: i) Perpendicular to the line making an angle of 120 degrees with the x-axis in the positive direction Can someone...
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    Advice on IT

    Hey guys, I have a rather interesting question to pose to all of you today. I'm a Year 11 student, almost going into Year 12, and I do pretty well in the class room. Achieving marks in the sciences of 80+%, (chemistry was 96%). However maths is my lowest point. This is irrelevant, only...
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    Need some advice on 2/3U maths

    Ok so here's the situation. We've just completed preliminary half yearly exams, and I've failed 2U maths by 0.5 marks. However a number of people in my class got a lot lower than this, and we're talking in the 30s of %s. I'm rather worried about my mx1 mark now because I didn't go that well in...
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    Chemistry Assessment

    Ok now this one is kinda nuts. I have to make a 7-10 minute video on the following dotpoint from the chemistry syllabus: "Analyse information to compare the cost and energy expenditure involved in the extraction of aluminium from its ore and the recycling of aluminium" Other previous...
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    Help with physics assessment D:

    Hi guys, I'm having a big research problem when it comes to finding information regarding my physics assessment. My teacher wants the following: "Students will need to write a 1,000 word report including the following major sections. All sources (at least 5) are to be referenced and at least...
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    Help with Extension Maths

    Hey guys, I'm having some problems with the following Polynomial equations. The question states the following: "The remainder is 5 when P(x)= ax^3-4bx^2+x-4 is divided by x-3 and the remainder is 2 when P(x) is divided by x+1. Find the values of a and b." I am aware that these will create two...