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  1. MaryJane

    Dream Interpretation?

    I know this is a little random, but I didn't want to put it out there for the rest of BoS to get to... I much prefer our nice little group! ;) So, I had a dream last night about snakes, and I've procrastinated all morning looking for some meaning to it, but nothing. I was wondering whether...
  2. MaryJane

    400/500 Law Electives

    Okay, so I want to know who is doing what so I can harass them for notes when it comes to the crunch (and the taste you can't resist!). I'm doing: International law European Union law International Organisations law Advanced Torts. That means IWR that I've withdrawn from IT after one (albeit...
  3. MaryJane

    Campus Jobs

    Hi all, Just procrastinating at work, stumbled upon the U@MQ site, and there are a list of jobs available. I know how eager people are to get such jobs.... so here you go! :) Bar Attendant @ U@MQ Date Added: 5th February 2008 5:25pm An exciting opportunity currently exists for an...
  4. MaryJane

    Aquatic Centre Finally Opens!!

    (in the middle of winter, mind you). After years of planning and construction the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre will be fully operational on Wednesday 27 June, 2007. The facility includes both the 50m outdoor pool and the 25m indoor pool. So come down in the next few days...
  5. MaryJane

    Hot uni lecturers?

    (Apologies for any potential typos, I am drunk as a skunk!). So, I was reading a thread on Vogue forums (my other internet addition), and they are talking about office and uni flings. My question is: Has anyone ever wanted to get with a lecturer/tutor/ someone in a position of power? For...
  6. MaryJane

    Kirby: High Court too conservative?

    Personally, I cannot agree more. While I readily admit I am a Kirby-lover, I think some of the decisions of the HC do leave me speechless, especially in the area of tort (perhaps the most important area of law to remedy a plaintiff). I am also in a bit of a anti-HC mood, because of the number...
  7. MaryJane

    External units and eStudent

    I am an external unit virgin... but I am being broken in for Law Ethics. And I am confused. I am registered in the class (I have verified with eStudent), but it wont let me enrol in the on-campus session... instead, the class is 'full', and thus wont let me enrol in the on-campus session. Is...
  8. MaryJane

    MUSR - get fit in 2007!!

    So, Steve and I have decided to get our lazy asses out there and do some exercise. Steve said he was taking to some MUSR rep at Pathways Day, who said that it is a $36 per month fee for the "whole gym". This is regardless of whether you are a Union member or not. Does anyone know whether this...
  9. MaryJane

    Job Opportunities

    So, am majorly procrastinating and avoiding Admin law. But I've found a few legal jobs people might be interested in applying for. (Just a thought, but something along these lines could be made a sticky, Moonlight?) LAW CLERK We seek a mature and responsible law student entering his/her final...
  10. MaryJane

    Kill Coop!!!

    Sorry Mike, I had to start a new thread. Those bastards have taken our text list off their site!!!! :burn: Jihad on Coop!!!!
  11. MaryJane

    How to make up cp if you've failed

    So, in first semester, first year, I failed horrible statistics, which means I have to make up the 3cp before I can graduate. But, how do I get eStudent to give me that extra unit? Because I've decided I'd like to do a 300-level psych unit (personality) to make up the 3cp, but the only way I...
  12. MaryJane

    Casual Paralegal - Commercial Litigation

    Just found this on Mac's CareerHub website, and thought a few of you might appreciate the heads-up, especially those of us near the end of our degree, and are sick of being an office shit-kicker... be a glorified one instead ;) Casual Paralegal - Commercial Litigation Employer: Sparke...
  13. MaryJane

    Coop Bookshop

    So, has everyone received the email, promoting 15% off for a limited time? I still think thats pretty stingy, considering the fact they increase the prices of their books, although they are a "cooperative" :rolleyes: Anyway, I was just wondering whether anyone had an inside scoop as to whether...
  14. MaryJane

    PLT - Interstate Recognition

    I should be studying property law, but can't stop procrastinating, dammit! But I thought if I posted a relevant topic, my soul would be saved :p So, its 2.5 years off for me (finally half way through this degree) but I'm starting to think of the PLT. I checked the college of law site, and...
  15. MaryJane

    I just kicked someone's crap off a tableeeee!!!

    VICTORY!!! If they believe a half-opened book and a chinese-container of cold food is going to stop me exercising my rights (after I spent 30 minutes on the floor observing the table - and about a dozon or more around me - which are all still empty an hour later) they are totally WRONG...
  16. MaryJane

    Moving from day student to evening student

    Before I pester some academic (who probably wont know), I thought I'd ask you smart cookies on here! :D I'm currently a day student in both my psych subjects next semester. However, since I've started a new job which requires me Tues, Wed and Fri, I can no longer attend the tutes I've selected...
  17. MaryJane

    Food near Wynyard

    So I didnt know where exactly to put this, but here seemed appropriate enough :) I've just scored a job which requires me to get off at Wynyard station (for my old job I had to get off at Town Hall), and I rarely venture to Wynyard station. Basically, can anyone recommend a nice place to...
  18. MaryJane

    Is WebCT down again?

    Or is it my crappy internet connection? Every other website seems to be working, except the one I legitimately need right now!!
  19. MaryJane


    Just wanted to start a second thread so we look a bit cooler than we actually are! So, I know Jamie is doing this with me - are you Anne? We're supposed to read up to Chapter 4 for first week, but its all such boring introductory crap. Its easy to read, but its almost too easy, like you're...
  20. MaryJane

    Medical Reception?

    Has anyone worked in such a position before? Is it hectic and horrible, or is it okay? I've seen heaps advertised lately, all with great hours I could work around with uni, but I dont want to be stuck in a horrible job... I'm also afraid of catching various sicknesses/diseases off patients :(...