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    Intergration as a result of differentiation help please.

    Sorry i don't know how to use latex but.. Firstly prove that d/dx(x^2.tan^-1(x))=2x.tan^-1(x)+1-(1)/(1+x^2) That part was pretty simple but b)Hence prove that Integral from 0 to root 3, xtan^-1(x)dx= 2pi/3 -root3/2 Thanks in advance.
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    Hello, When I was walking out of the tutor I currently go to, I was confronted by people who were advertising this tutor called 90 plus education. It showed a lot of promising results. Has anyone been there, or know anyone that has? If so what are you're thoughts of the place?
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    Math year 10 3d trig question

    Can someone do this question? A is the top and B is the base of a tower 15m high. From C, a point due south of B, the angle of elevation of A is 15° whilst from D, bearing 060° from B, the angle of elevation of A is 21°. Find the distance of CD correct to the nearest cm.