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  1. Cheesecake_a

    2 questions! :(

    1) All of a sudden, I cannot log into my myUNSW account and I want to enrol to my courses. I have made a timetable, but they are pending. Will I still be saved into my courses just in case I still cannot get into my myUNSW account?? I was locked out and then I unlocked, and it still did not...
  2. Cheesecake_a


    I went on this link https://my.unsw.edu.au/classutil/ and it's really confusing and some classes are already 100% full what?? And from what I understand we should be making our timetables pretty quick to get what we want? Also, where is a link that shows exactly how to do this all...
  3. Cheesecake_a

    I have 8 bonus points but...

    I am confused, are they automatically added onto my ATAR? (The points come from doing a U@UNSW program in year 11 in 2011 where I was eligible for up to 10 bonus points and I received 8 overall.)
  4. Cheesecake_a

    B media (Communications and Journalism)

    Hi, I just want to make sure that what I choose is correct. I was reading about it further to just see what it involves, etc. And since I want to pursue journalism, this is my first preference. Just so I feel a bit more secure, is this the correct degree I should place?
  5. Cheesecake_a

    What to say when people ask what your atar was?

    I don't mind telling my family, because they are family and they are really proud of me. I am not embarrassed about my atar, but I just don't feel the need to tell people what it is, because I am worried about judgements. Next year I am going back to school again for an awards thing for...
  6. Cheesecake_a

    I don't know what other preferences to put...

    I have 7 so far, however I thought I look into UTS, and B Arts Communication (Journalism) seemed interesting to me. However, they do not award bonus points for this, and my ATAR is below the cut off. I don't know what else to choose, I have already placed UNSW courses, USYD and one Macq...
  7. Cheesecake_a

    EAS online letter?

    I received an email to check my EAS letter on UAC, and I just copied a bit of it to show you: Does this mean I am eligible or just info?
  8. Cheesecake_a

    Okay, I got my marks, but....

    I am quite happy, however for Studies of religion 2, i am surprised because i received 85, when the whole year i was receiving 90+ results?? I don't understand, it says my examination results = 85, and assessment mark = 85? Could that be a mistake??
  9. Cheesecake_a

    Quick question!

    The marks we receive tomorrow, they are not RAW marks, they are the FINAL moderated/aligned etc marks right?
  10. Cheesecake_a

    Should I send in my EAS form?

    Well I have it but I have been forgetting about it. The thing is, if I send it tomorrow, I don't know if it will get there before Friday, and I don't want to pay for a late fee. Also, I was wondering if it is worth it? Because in my case, I said I put financial disadvantage ( I receive youth...
  11. Cheesecake_a

    Quick ranks question

    Hi :) In my reports I was comign 4th/23 in my English Adv class, but then online it says 7/23. My trials marks were lower than what I usually get, so does that mean that the trials pulled me down? (because i was getting over 90 until trials) Just want to make sure that is normal. Btw if...
  12. Cheesecake_a

    Band 6 cut off

    Trying not to read what everyone else wrote in the exam, it makes me very anxious lol, but I do want to know predictions on band 6 cut off :)
  13. Cheesecake_a

    Raw marks

    What is the average raw mark for a mid band five? (like an aligned 85)
  14. Cheesecake_a

    Is there a list of top 500 schools rank for 2011? :S

    Sorry I cannot seem to find one. I am curious of my school rank. In 2009, it was 308, then in 2010, went up to 256. It wouldn't have changed much in 2011 would it?
  15. Cheesecake_a

    Raw mark for a band E4?

    What the title says. Is there an average raw mark?
  16. Cheesecake_a

    A question about questions :S

    Okay, so with todays essay question, I was just wondering how I approach other questions that are similar (for english). What I mean is, if the question sounds like a statement, I sort of feel like it is true (depending how the question is worded) and so it is difficult for me to manipulate the...
  17. Cheesecake_a

    If they ask ''two or more related texts''...

    If the BOS does this for section one, I don't really know if I have a back up, I mean i would have to find one that I know pretty well... but should I spend much time on this? And for Paper two of English adv, in conflicting perspectives they can ask for your prescribed text and TWO other...
  18. Cheesecake_a

    What do you do when you feel you are scared about the HSC, ATARS, etc?

    I mean since the exams are closer and closer, I am getting really scared of the process, fear of not even improving, fear of WAITING for the ATAR and the day I open that text or email... What do you do to not get so worried about it all?
  19. Cheesecake_a

    If you receive marks you don't like, how do you make yourself feel better?

    Since I am getting trial marks lately... I mean, I am feeling okay, but you know, I now have heaps more motivation to do even better. I have received modern, but without section 4 because the teacher hasn't finished marking it. But I can already predict it, and it will be in the low 70's. So I...
  20. Cheesecake_a

    Small editing questions

    Atm I am making any last minute editing to my PIP, double checking spelling etc. But I am confused on how I am meant to reference my primary research? I use harvard style btw if that is any help. I have a pdf from the board of studies on presentation etc, but I am unsure also about how long...