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    Project Management and the Professional

    Who has done this subject? Project Management and the Professional I passed it today. But this is the second time i am doing it. Really didn't like the the way it is run. The marking criteria is really skewed. If you don't follow the precise method of doing the final exam, you are...
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    Google Chrome at work

    At my work to install anything on the computer you have to have the administrator do it for you. However someone told me that Google Chrome installs without any admin. I tried it and it works. How awesome. I am not sure how Google does it, but if you are in the same situation you should try it...
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    IT faculty is so inconsiderate

    I am doing a double degree in Business and IT. I am also working full time, so i have been doing part time consisting of two classes per semester. I have nearly done all my business subjects (including the major), but have a few IT subjects to get through. The reason why i hate IT faculty is...
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    What podcasts do you recommend?

    I listen to a number of podcasts and have a few that i listen to regularly. Please tell me what podcasts you listen to regularly or recommend? Skeptics guide to the universe: a weekly science and skepticism based podcast that is very informative and funny. the panel consists of 5 people, and...
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    Quick Degree, or Exprience then degree?

    Ok guys. I am curretly studying at UTS and doing a double Degree Business/IT (4 year course) . I have completed two years full time, but managed to find a Bank Reconciliation Job, at the end of my second year and now am working fulltime and studying Part time. My question is this. how do you...
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    Enrolling in subjects - Old student

    I have just found the time to enrol into the 2007 semester subejcts , but when i went to student admin to select what i want to do , the option wasnt avialable. As i remember it was somewhere on that left hand option bar, but i can;t seem to figure out whats going on. Any reason why...
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    Mazda 3 - Yey or Ney?

    Hey i havent been on these forums for awhile, but i decided to make this thread to get an opinion of some people about this car. I still havent owned my own car, but thats all gonna change soon, since i am looking into buying a Mazda 3 - Maxx sport. In my view its a beautiful car, and a...
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    Belief in evolution around the world

    Belief in evolution around the world Adults in each country were asked whether they thought the statement, "Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals," was true or false, or if they were unsure. A comparison of peoples' views in 34 countries finds...
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    Where can i buy Timberland Boots From

    hey i wanted to buy a pair of timbrland boots. I tried ebay , but they dont have any. Is there any stores that sell them ? i am talking about something like this.
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    Man who was 'testing God' killed by lion

    Man who was 'testing God' killed by lion June 6, 2006 A lion killed a man who climbed into its enclosure in the Ukrainian capital's zoo, police said today. The lion attacked the 45-year-old Ukrainian late yesterday after he used a rope to climb down into an enclosure with four lions...
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    Want to change Spring Subjects. Still possible?

    i went to student Admin but i cant find the link where it sais to change subjects. I need to change two of my subjects but i cant seem to find where it is. I remember it use to be in my Student Admin. so is it still possiblew to change it or whats the deal.
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    Anyone like "Worms 2"

    i recently got back into playing worms 2 : world party and got pretty addicted to playing it. I started of playing worms 1, but i only played the demo , which had two levels. But i was such a pro at it. Anyway , lately i need playing the second worms, and its an awesome game. Anyone agree?
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    Play God in a Game!

    Play God in a Game! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live through a species' evolution and influence the way it lives its life by sculpting its body and its surroundings. From single-cell all the way through to a huge civilisation of...
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    AM i Screwed?

    ok well i kinda only enrolled in two subjects for spring, and thought i would enrol the others on the weekend. But now its not letting me enrol anymore. Would i still be able to enrol for spring starting monday or i have to go into UTS and sort this out? why i didnt enrol is because i was...
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    Man dies after playing starcraft for 50 hours w/ a few breaks

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4137782.stm So do u guys think computer game addiction should be treated more seriously?
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    Do i have to pick subjects for Sprint semester NOW?

    Do i have to pick subjects for Sprint semester NOW? So yeh can i just do it sometime in the middle of the autumn semester or do i have to do it now?
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    Internet Explorer 7

    Does do you guys think of it, if you tried it? Its still currently in BETA. but when i installed it, i quickly noticed the advantage of more viewing space on the page. The toolbars on the top , take up considerably less space, and i can see more in a web page. And yes tabbing, that...
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    baby hippo Adopted by a tortoise[PHOTOS included]

    http://blogging.typepad.com/funny_pictures/2006/02/incredible_phot.html How cool.
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    Why religion is bullshit IMO

    using this picture i will explain a very good message it holds. i present to you two people. Person one: When he was a teeganger, he helped out at the old folks home. He then later joined two charities and donated a good amount of his money to the needy. He then got married and had...
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    Scientists find 'lost world'

    http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,18070199-2,00.html SOME PICS heres soem pics of the new species. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/4688330.stm