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  1. Oobadoo

    HELP! Chemistry Question!!!

    I am doing an assignment on copper and aluminium, its really quite easy. However, I need to know what the crustal percentage of copper is, or the crustal abundance if you like. Most sources say 60 parts per million roughly, which is 0.00006 % (NASA says 0.00007). BUT virtually every othersource...
  2. Oobadoo

    Who thinks they've chosen the WRONG SUBJECT?

    Hey. Just wondering who else feels they've stuffed up in subject choices? I really think now (when it's too frikin late!!!) that I really shouldn't have chosen Art. My class is full of mongs and people who are crap at art, and I'm beginning to realise how EXTREMELY HARD it will be to get a good...
  3. Oobadoo

    History Advice NEEDED! Thanks.

    I'm currently doing 14 units, as shown below; though Modern currently is quite dull. The work we are doing should be interesting (Holocaust) though my teacher makes it hideous. I doubt I have learnt anything near substantial. My Question Is: Should I drop Modern to focus on my other courses...
  4. Oobadoo

    Regurgitation of Yr 10 work for Yr 11

    Ga! I've recently discovered my Modern teacher is regurgitating the topic we are doing now from year 10 work. My older sibling did this topic in his year 10-history, with the teacher I have now for Modern. And not only that, we are getting the exact same booklet his class got, as well as the...
  5. Oobadoo

    Modern by distance???

    Anyone doing or done modern history by distance? If so, what topics do you do? I'm thinking of changing to distance ed for modern because my class is doing crappy topics now and will be doing crappy ones into the HSC. Please help! Thanks. :D
  6. Oobadoo

    Distance Courses? Are they bearable?

    I'm in year 10 and have already chosen my prelim subjects, though still have the opportunity to change them if I wish. I was thinking about doing Economics, though if I did, I'd have to do it by distance. Anyone have any good advice about distance courses (any subject) and whether or not they...