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  1. inJust

    UNSW Semester Dates Question

    Hey guys, can you guys give me the weeks in semester one, (i.e. week 1/2/3/4/5etc.) and link them to their dates? Because I'm not sure whether mid sem break, and stuvac and stuff count as a week. Cos in my course outlines, they give us when they're due in weeks, and I dont know the dates each...
  2. inJust

    O-Week Public transport

    Does anyone know if buses to O-week is going to be free, or do I have to get a mymulti.
  3. inJust

    Best and Worst Buildings @ UNSW?

    Hey guys, Just curious about your personal preference. What buildings at unsw do you like and hate the most? Thanks.
  4. inJust

    UNIWave App

    Do people still use this? I remember last year heaps of people did, wondering if people still do haha.
  5. inJust

    2013 Law Cohort Rollcall

    This is just a thread for law students of the 2013 cohort to get to know each other, discuss and stuff! Cheers! Start by saying what you plan on combining it with. Hi, I'm Justin and I'm planning to do Commerce/Law!
  6. inJust

    Main Rounds

    Who's nervous? How are you guys feeling? I know it's in a few days, but I'm getting nervous. Moreso that I won't get a good timetable and start to hate uni more than I already will (due to stress and workload), start to not bother and my marks go downhill from there.
  7. inJust

    UNSW Law Positions

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, how many spots are there for first years undergrad every year for law?
  8. inJust

    Band 6 cut off this year?

    Exam was moderate I'd say. 84 cut off?
  9. inJust

    Average Cutoff for Band 6?

    Self-explanatory title.
  10. inJust

    Best Steak in Sydney?

    Ok guys, share with us the best steak you've ever had in Sydney? Include a picture if you wish.
  11. inJust

    AAA Scholarship

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, did you gets get a confirmation email or anything when you were nominated? When did you find out you were nominated etc? Thanks.
  12. inJust

    Contact Hours for B. Planning?

    Hey guys, How many days a week do you have to be at uni for this degree? How many contact hours etc. Thanks guys.
  13. inJust

    Is there hope for my dear friend? (atar estimate)

    His ranks are Adv. English: 28/54 Maths 2U: 34/64 SOR I: 35/97 Engineering Studies: 6/22 Chemistry: 12/19 Physics: 20/30 School rank is about 80-110 What would his atar be?
  14. inJust

    Tied ranks

    What exactly happens when two people are on tied ranks?
  15. inJust

    Atar Estimate

    I got a schoool (according to top scores) that is ranked 50-60 if calculated through all rounders, and 70-90 if calculated through DA. My ranks are: Advanced English - 6/60ish Legal Studies - 1/36 Modern History - 1/27 History Extension - 1/7 Economics - 3/35 Studies of Religion 1u - 3/120...
  16. inJust

    Information Systems / Commerce Double Degree UNSW

    Is it a good combination in terms of employability? My friend wants to do it so yeah.
  17. inJust

    Big Brother 2012 Thread

    Discuss all BB stuff here
  18. inJust

    UAC Application

    Do I have to pay everytime I submit something? What if I decide to change courses? Etc.
  19. inJust

    Maths Intensiveness

    How maths intensive is an economics course compared to a commerce course? I don't do maths at all in Highschool and I'm wondering how badly it would affect me for both?
  20. inJust

    CSSA Modern History

    Hey guys, are you guys ready for tomorrow? Any ideas what's going to be in the exam?