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    Yr 11 and HSC Chemistry Tutor Available - Liverpool/Campbelltown Area

    Yr 11 and HSC Chemistry Tutor Available - SWSydney (Casula,Liverpool,Glenfield,Parra) Hi, I'm a final year University Chemistry student located in Casula/Liverpool who scored a Band Six in HSC Chemistry in 2005. I've achieved Dean's Honours at the University of Western Sydney for the past...
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    Did anybody else find the exam easy?

    Well, I've read around and I'm surprised that everyone found the exam so difficult. I found every question very easy to answer...the only questions I'm slightly unsure of is the multiple choice question with common causes of CVD and Breast Cancer...which I took B I think....as an educated guess...
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    Let down?

    Did anyone else feel let down by the exam? With all the hype surrounding the damn HSC and all the stress and anxiety I went through before hand, it ended up being a huge let down for me. It was just like any other exam I've ever done...I was expecting so much more. Letdowneroonie.
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    Studying From Now - One Lost Boy

    Trials are all over and done with and I've gone pretty well. The problem is, I don't know where to go from here. There are about 7 or 8 weeks until the HSC, but I don't know how to study now. I've got exams for English Advanced, English Extension, Chemistry, PD/H/PE and Drama...and I still have...
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    IP and GP Over! - 2/3 of a Unit Complete

    That feels awesome. The markers came to mark our GP's on Friday and it feels great to get that big stress ball off my shoulders. Handed in my script on the Monday and again, it feels great to be rid of that one. How does everyone feel about their completed products? I think my script is...
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    BASc (Exercise and Sports Science)/BSc(Nutrition) or Physiotherapy?

    I'm thinking of doing one of the two at Sydney, but I really don't know which one I'll prefer. I'm leaning more towards Exercise and Sports Science/Nutrition...as it seems to be more interesting, but Physiotherapy looks very good as well. Does anybody on here do these courses and know what...
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    How Flexible is the RS Word Count?

    Okay, I'm putting the finishing touches to my Reflection Statement as we speak, but I've just noticed that I'm up to 1,800 words with more to come. Since the word limit is 1,500 words, will I be marked down for going that far over, or is there a degree of leniency? Is the maximum 1500, or is...
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    Instruments Used To Detect Radiation

    For this dot-point of Part 5 of the syllabus, how many instruments should we have knowledge of? I was thinking of being prepared to write about Geiger-Muller counter, photographic film, cloud chamber and scintillation counter for my trial on Friday...but I'm not sure if I should be prepared to...
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    Alright, I'm completely lost for this. I've completed my script and everything, It's exactly what I want it to be, but I have no idea what to write for my rationale. Should I focus on what I was trying to say in the play, my concept, the themes or the writing process? Is it anything like the...
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    The Official BOS 'Hoorah I'm Done!' Thread 2005

    Hoorah! I'm done! HOW GOOD IS THAT! Man, I've been stressing to the shiznit over the past month or so, and I've finally edited my entire film in Premier, dubbed everything, added music and titles all flowing smoothly, added credits for the hell of it and ended up with 7 minutes 45 seconds...
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    Help Needed: Video Editing

    Considering the lack of time left, upcoming trials, HSC study and Drama IP's and GP's...I was wondering if anyone knows of a tutor or editing company that could come over for a couple of hours and show me how to use Adobe Premier, so I can edit my film without the trial & error learning method...
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    Anybody Completed the Board of Studies Trial?

    Yesterday, myself and Pace_T managed to weasel some information out of our teacher...that our school bought our trial off the Board of Studies. This is great news for many reasons, one being that presumably people have already sat this exam. Has anybody on here completed their trial which was...
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    Crime Fiction: Skull Beneath The Sking (Relatively Urgent)

    I haven't read Skull Beneath the Skin completely. I mean, I've read half of it...but I'm currently limping through it. I have my trials in a few weeks with an assessment due in next week on P.D. James' masterpiece, and I really don't know enough about it to write a proper essay on it. What...
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    Qualitatively Identify Sulfate Ions

    Anybody got any websites and/or tests for identifying sulfate ions in a sample of drinking water? I have an assignment where I have to do a whole experimental report (aim, method, etc.) I've just had a load of trouble finding relevant information from libraries as my computer is currently...
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    Problem With A.A.S. Assessment Question

    Question is: Evaluate the effectiveness of using A.A.S measurements in relation to water pollution control. I've been looking through text books, the internet and some books I borrowed from the library about A.A.S for about two hours now and cannot find anything on this. Either I'm not...
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    Favourite Childhood Song

    What was your favourite song from your childhood? Childhood being 0 - 12 years old. Mine would be 'Mmm Mmm Mmm' by the Crash Test Dummies. I have a lot of memories about that back when my parents used to play it when I was about 7 or 8. Notable mentions go to: Daft Punk - Around The...
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    For Those Who Have Schoolied At Byron.

    Hey, myself and seven of my mates are taking the trip up to Byronia Bay for a week starting 11/12. For those of you who went to Schoolies at Byron, what was it like? Was it party orientated? Were there many other school leavers? Obviously, there isn't the whole party week for us under 18's...
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    Related Texts - What Do They Have To Say?

    OK, I've got my half yearly for English tomorrow and am doing some practice essays...the only problem is that I'm not exactly sure what our related texts have to say. When we mention our texts, what do we have to talk about? Do we focus more on the techniques of HOW people represent the truth...
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    Soundtrack for a Break-Up

    Everybody adds one song each until we get about 20 or so songs to add to a playlist where we will have the official Bored of Studies Break-Up soundtrack. Me first. -------------- Gomez - Sweet Virginia I couldn't tell The weight of the world was on your shoulders Couldn't tell you...
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    Having A Bit Of Trouble With This Question

    I've got a mini-assignment to do for homework and this one question is giving me a lot of trouble. If anyone can help me out with this, I will have their children. 1) HCl solution can be prepared by appropriate dilution of concentrated 10M solution. Explain why it is still necessary to...