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  1. J

    Band 6 Cutoff?

    Can someone send the paper plz
  2. J

    2017 HSC Mathematics Paper thoughts

    Can someone please scan the paper
  3. J

    Multiple Choice Answers?

    No B is correct because if you rationalise the complex number given you get -i which is a rotation of 90 degrees towards the right, hence clockwise. Hence B is correct
  4. J

    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    last year u need aorund 75 for e4
  5. J

    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    Q16b was in the unsw MATH1141 final exam last semester lol
  6. J

    Purchasing HSC Papers Back

    Can you like relax lol, HSC is ovaaaaa chilaaxxx
  7. J

    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    Thanks so much haha
  8. J

    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    90.1 oh nooo! I wasn't expecting this at the start of the year or even close to a 90, so happy ended up getting it
  9. J

    How to find out your overall rank in the state for a subject

    I think your being a bit too extreme
  10. J

    Do we get told how many bonus points we receive?

    dO we get told how much EAS points we are entitled too??
  11. J

    Raw Marks

    If there is a huge difference between your assessment mark and exam mark is it true that the assessment mark gets rescaled?
  12. J

    Talent 100 has an ATAR profiler

    There is only an app for matrix and it's only for 2012 and before
  13. J

    Talent 100 has an ATAR profiler

    will it be activated on wed 16th?
  14. J

    Talent 100 has an ATAR profiler

    doesnt even work
  15. J

    Anyone worried?

    You aint the only one surely mate
  16. J

    What does it mean to write/make notes into "your own words"???

    Read, write what you understand and just revise it for exams, it also helps with your exam expression, its best to do dot point summary notes too
  17. J

    Coroneos or Terry Lee for 4U?

    Personally i believe Terry lee is strong at preparing you for exam style questions and reinforces the concept of the topics in different ways however i find coroneos is kind of repetitive and its more like drilling exercises. I really recommend doing ALL the integration section in Terry Lee as...
  18. J

    parking at UNSW

    Hey, I'm thinking about joining UNSW hopefully next year however I have heard some crazy things about the parking. Is it possible to like reserve a spot for a year or something. Thanks any help is appreciated
  19. J


  20. J

    FEAS Applicants - Will your chances lessen if you don't attend the interview?

    I'm in a similar position as you, I think it will be better for you to go because just in case you don't know what will happen right? So just give it a shot :D