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  1. fly.away.fairy

    focus group - please participate - perception of russians :)

    Hey guys! Please spare a few minutes to participate in my focus group as posted here -- http://community.boredofstudies.org/489/school-assessment-surveys-research/142330/focus-groups-perception-russians.html#post2884424
  2. fly.away.fairy

    focus groups - perception of russians

    Hello all! I would be so appreciative if you guys would take a minute or so to answer a few questions, and participate in this focus group. I will love you for the rest of your life :) !!! My name is Natalie Bibina, I'm a year 12 high school student and I’m doing my PIP project on the...
  3. fly.away.fairy

    Hsc lectures @ Sydney Uni, 11th March

    Whose going to the HSC lectures this weekend done by edassist? Im going to the ones on sudnay for english adv, maths and chem. ANyone else?
  4. fly.away.fairy

    Related text for P & P

    For the related text, do we choose a text similar to Langtons version of Pride and Prejudice, or to the original text. For example, does it have to be a 19th century text, or can it be a modern day one. Im confused as ive been told conflicting stories. Please explain.
  5. fly.away.fairy

    Oodgeroo Noonuccal!

    Hey! I have an Inclass essay tomrow morning about change:jaw: And we have to write about how change is shown in one of oodgeroo noonucals poems(techhniques and all) can anyone give me some tips..im doing the poem "Last of His tribe" And help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  6. fly.away.fairy

    Fallen in love with a friend?

    Latley, i have fallen in love with my guy best friend. We spend alot of time together, and talk HEAPS. He used to like me at some point last year but i was too stupid to tell him that i only saw him as a friend. It put quite alot of akwardness on our relationship but now we are back to the...
  7. fly.away.fairy

    Source analysis!!!

    Hey! I have to analyse a source for its usefulness for a historian and its purpose etc... about the fall of the romanov dynasty. Its 22 lines(written) for each source... My first source i think would be : His charecter is the source of all our misfortunes. his outstanding weakness is a lack of...
  8. fly.away.fairy

    Hurlstone Agricultural Selective Highschool

    Hey! My familys moving to west sydney(because of work)... well be living around cambletown..that area..:eek: I go to Manly selective now...does anyone now if it would be hard to transfer to Hurlstone? Does anyone go there? Whats the schools rank? Would it be very hard to transfer mid- year...
  9. fly.away.fairy

    Moving out

    Hey! Recently ive been thinking alot of moving out. i always have fights with my mum and cant concentrate at school properly. I know its going to be tough and im only 15.(Im in year 11). However in a couple of months when im 16 im planning to move out. What are my options? What do i need to be...
  10. fly.away.fairy

    Helping a gay friend

    My friend, lets call her Jane, recently told me she thought she might be a lesbian. She had liked other girls in school and hadnt even seen guys as attractive. shes had fantasies about girls but not about guys. Shes not about to come out cuz shes still very confused. Her mother is really...
  11. fly.away.fairy

    Fall of the ROmanov Dynasty

    Hey. I have an assignment about the fall of the romanov dynasty. Were supposed to select 2 sources which best illustrate why the Romanov Dynasty fell. We need a primary and a secndary source. We have to assees how useful each source would b to a histroin.I cant find any good sources, does anyone...
  12. fly.away.fairy

    Narrative structure??!?!?!

    Hey, Im in EX.english 1 prelim right now and we got homework about an old version of little Red Riding Hood.(The oral version). Our teacher wants us to graph the narrative structure. HOW do you do that? Help! Its due tomrow so yeh..fast response would be REALLY appreciated!!:wave: