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    Timetable Question

    Everything. i transfered from Unsw to usyd, theres no doubt the unsw system is much easier to work with and alot less hassle to get timetables changed. you have the world of flexibility when it comes to time table changes. besides the max class size issue, everything else UNSW's system is by far...
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    Unikey question.

    Hey guys, after i created my unikey when accepting my offer, ( after several times of logging into it), i currently cant log in for some odd reason. i called the I.T helpdesk, they said my account was disabled april 2006... which is impossible. i was wondering is anyone else having this...
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    guys, need you help here, i transfered from UNSW as you guys know, unsw has an auto online process with basically everything. so what i want to know now ( that i couldnt find on usyd.edu.au) is that how much is student acitivtiy fees now that union is not compulsary? do we have to pay this on...
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    yea with teh fee help liimit i can afford to try transfer end of 1st year and 2nd year.
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    so heres the story. my NRSL was 88.x i wanted to do radiation therapy at usyd lidcome, thought i was pretty save being 5uais over the cut off. but nope, i missed out, on top of that the uai cut off this year was only 80.5 on the other hand a friend of mine NRSL of 84.xx got in, the only...
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    '06 Transfer Candidates Post Here

    i left unsw for usyd aswelll, its a shame, if only unsw was closer, n offered my type of courses. neway missed out on radiation even though nrsl was 88.xx cut off was 80 for uai, must of been insane with nrsl, either that or quizz played a huge role. got clinical vision instead, pretty happy.
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    B Science to B Diag. Radiography

    depends what masters your doing, health science comes combined with fast track masters now. on the issue of diag. the questionaire u gota do plays an important role aswell, i got NRSL of 88.xx and even missed out of radiation, so it mustof been my quizz that stuffed me over. so if u do things...
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    Check if you got into USYD early!

    dont scare me guys
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    Main round offers

    anyone think its gonna be released a lil earlier than 9? i mbr last year i could log in at 830
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    Check if you got into USYD early!

    its my top 3 preferences, and i logged in, i got one of them then LOL
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    Mechanical Engineering

    Hey guys im really interested in Mechanical engineering but i hear it is extremely hard and its hard to find jobs later on in life after u graduate. What do u guys think about that? My math skills arent extremely good and im a newbie in physics, so do u guys think thers ne chance in hell ill...
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    Another transfer question

    ive sat in a few eco/com lectures in early semester one, and have a few freinds in either eco or com degrees, and they say doing bs, legal or eco in the HSC isnt really helping or giving them disadvantages.
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    Early Round Offers

    wrong, once you get an offer, you will be considered for your other courses in later rounds. ( unless the system changed from 05) i got one offer in main round, i then re arranged my pref, and recieved another one in the late round. just accept the early offer first, then decline if you get...
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    A simple question....

    ive seen/heard alot of stories of people getting into courses way way above their cut off, as much as 13 ( uts aswell), but ive also seen about 6 at usyd, so these cut offs aint really cut off, but more of a marketing scheme imo.
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    On the topic of University Transfers...

    sarah1688, i think thats what azn gangta meant, it would be pretty hard for you to gain a near HD avg to transfer, chances are very slim. your better off doing post grad.
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    Another transfer question

    what about b eco at unsw? cut off is around 85 last year wasnt it?
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    Lost.. please help!

    i think your options are as followed. 1. if you know your going to fail in semester 1 do a transfer.so your uni marks wont effect your transfer application. 2. if you dont fail till semester 2, its going to bring down your cut off, effectivelly cutting you down to mid 80s i believe with a gpa...
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    transfer from B Science to B Health Science?

    I dont know where you heard about NRSL cut off to be higher, from what ive read around, its rare to find a NRSL cut off Higher than UAI cut off. of course courses like law n such, where you can only transfer after first year or do post grad, it can be seen why the cut offs are higher in that...
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    transfer from B Science to B Health Science?

    id rkcn you'll get health science if not in main, in late round offer. from past experience i had a few friends with high 70s getting into b sci at usyd ( i know its a different degree than wat u want, but same ideas apply, the cut off may not be ' the cut off' they got it in main round...
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    Health And Exercise Science Vs. Medical Science

    There isnt much of a market for medical science graduats in australia, but apparently its pretty big overseas. with the medical science degree, IMO, those people as u said, usually go on for post grad study, its most likely hard to make a living using that degree in australia at this point in...