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    is it possible

    hey guys =p ima rather happy. even though i didnt get into the campus i want. im still going to do the same course at same university. but not the same campus i wanted uws campbelltown nursing but ima at uws bankstown nursing and was just wandering if its possible to maybe transfer...
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    got cut again =(

    Nursing is rather popular this year.. i was talking to some people about it, and they say i have no hope of getting in. but the nursing teacher at campbelltown was really nice. she told me not to give in and that i have 3 chances, first , late and final =) man i hope i make it in. would be...
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    where can i find..

    hey guys, i just wanted to find relevant information to nursing aka "homework" my girlfriend is overseas and i havent anything to do.. so i'd appreciate some help.. it would be nice if any of you guys are doing nursing to give me some information on what it is like doing nursing, and what...
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    I don't think there is a thread on this, but what kinda relationship do you have with your current partner? when i say "relationship" i mean to say is it physical, emotional, distance and etc but the thing i want to know most is the relationship's flaws.. like what u dont like about the...
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    no.. please this cant be happening..

    hi its me dapsycho i remember telling you guys my uai was 55.8 and that i really wanted to get into nursing which was 60.15 in 2005.. i was sad but remember i had RET test. i remembered it to be 61, yes! i still have hope. my girlfriend went to the phillipines this morning and i havent been...