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    Unikey question.

    Hey guys, after i created my unikey when accepting my offer, ( after several times of logging into it), i currently cant log in for some odd reason. i called the I.T helpdesk, they said my account was disabled april 2006... which is impossible. i was wondering is anyone else having this...
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    so heres the story. my NRSL was 88.x i wanted to do radiation therapy at usyd lidcome, thought i was pretty save being 5uais over the cut off. but nope, i missed out, on top of that the uai cut off this year was only 80.5 on the other hand a friend of mine NRSL of 84.xx got in, the only...
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    Mechanical Engineering

    Hey guys im really interested in Mechanical engineering but i hear it is extremely hard and its hard to find jobs later on in life after u graduate. What do u guys think about that? My math skills arent extremely good and im a newbie in physics, so do u guys think thers ne chance in hell ill...
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    Medical Radiation Science transfer

    hi there, just a quick question, has anyone tried emailing usyd about NRSL cut off for MRS? i've tried but she wouldnt budge..anyone else have any luck?
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    Unsw to Usyd

    hi guys, im currently a unsw adv science student, and im looking at a transfer to radiation therapy in usyd... i heard from people that usyd takes my GPA instead of 50-50 now ey? if so , does anyone know what kind of GPA i'll b looking at? as far as i know radiation therapy uai cut off is about...
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    I Won A Ipod Nano

    ahahah, do you guys rmbr o week? and heaps of surveys saying ' a chance to win a ipod nano' ....andy from student life info called me and told me i won....! how kool is that! ill be collecting it on monday..hope it isnt a prank.... hehehe, sorry for this worthless post. AHAHAHH im happy! yay~
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    Japanese 2a questions

    hi guys, i got several questions.. well you see, im a hsc japanese beginners student, and since taking placement test i was placed in japanese 2000, its ok, im handling it ok. but im a lil confused with several things. i have asked the teacher wat ' on reading' is, but she just tells me ' its...
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    Language Placement Test Dilema.

    Hi, the lady from the jap1000 told me i didnt belong in jap1000, and i had to do a placement test.. my question is..the test is on thursday...i had a jap1000 seminar 2mollo.. do i attend it?
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    Office XP

    Hi there! does anyone know of any good office add ons that will be handy for organising some notes? or anything else? i saw one.. a while back it knida turns word like a 5 subject notebook kinda thing with tabs.
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    Source Card.

    Question time! so..how does it work? do we just flash them the card? how do we know if they are source or non source?
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    getting pulled over

    ok , i got pulled over for doing an illegal uturn ( which until i got the fine never knew it was illegal), i lost 2 demerit points..and 175$ has anyone ever written a letter of appeal? or some sought to get a warning? ive heard of ppl doing it..should i try? its my first offence..and i didnt...
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    lab coats

    how much do they cost? i need one by friday for chemistry bridging..and i got no idea where and how much they cost and also goggles aswell?
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    usyd offers

    Late Round Offers hi, my friend got accepted into usyd, he is changing is preferences for late round, does he have to keep his previous offer ( ba sci) in the prefeence list? or can he make a total new list?
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    science and advanced science

    is 1st year similar? whats needed to jump into the advanced stream? thank you
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    science/arts combined

    hi guys, i got my offer and accepted it online, and now i have the delima of subject choices..im soo confused can some body help me? id like to major in ba science - medical microbiology and immunology and in arts japanese studies i dont know wat i should pick in semester 1 or 2 any advice...
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    whats in the newspapers?

    hey guys, i heard that uai cut offs or something are printed in the newspaper is this true? which date will it be printed in? whats actually in those papers? and which paper is it? thanks
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    whats your preference like?

    mines med sci at usyd med sci at unsw sci/arts at usyd sci/arts at unsw
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    Cut Offs, i know everybody is thinking about them!

    so guys, do u think the cut off this year will generally increase or decrease? or will there b specific increases or decreases in any fields? eg science? any uni offering more places than last year?
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    Bridging Courses

    hi guys! just a question about bridging courses, because its pretty xpensive, id like to ask students doing medical science/science/science adv the following questions 1. was it needed, if i didnt do anyone the sicences? 2. can i not attend all of them and only pick the ones i really need...
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    to the person who got first place in PDHPE, i was just wondering what was your aligned mark? if u dont mind sharing? im just curious , cuz not many ppl get band 6 in pdhpe ( 5% this year). so yea i missed out on band 6, and wanted to see was there a big spand of difference thank you.