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  1. SeDaTeD

    ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt 2010

    Hi everyone! I'm from Sydney Uni Maths Society (ΣUMS) and we're holding an online competition called the ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt. Those of you who like a bit of a mental challenge will enjoy this. You can form teams of up to 5 people for a chance to win prizes - with first place winning $300...
  2. SeDaTeD

    SUMS Puzzle Hunt

    Hi everyone, Sydney Uni Maths Society (SUMS) is running a competition called the SUMS Puzzle Hunt, starting Monday (31st August). You can get into teams of up to 5 people for a chance to win hundreds of dollars worth of prizes - first place gets $300! Entry is FREE! There will be 20 puzzles...
  3. SeDaTeD

    Offering tutoring for mathematics, ext1 (98) and ext2 (98). 99.65 uai

    I live in the Cabramatta area. I am currently doing a degree in advanced mathematics. I received 98 for both Extension 1 and 2 Mathematics. I have received several prizes and certificates including a medallion and 5 prizes in the AMC, a bronze certificate in the AMO and equal 4th in the UNSW...
  4. SeDaTeD

    Do phys1901 but attend phys1001 lectures?

    The Phys1901 lectures (2pm on mon wed and thu) clash with Math2969 lectures (2pm on mon tue wed, 1pm thu). I really do want to take a second year unit and do adv physics. Now what I'm wondering is, since there is only one adv physics stream, would it still be possible to attend phys1001...
  5. SeDaTeD

    Timetable for units

    Hey, I'm wondering whether a current student would be able to check out the times for some science units via MyUni, since I do not have an account yet. Maths have already put out there 2005 timetables but I'm not so sure about Phys or Chem, considering the 2005 versions of their handbooks are...