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    Wake up forum - question time

    Wake up. A few questions Should I be intimidated by the small amount of band 6s handed out or is that students don't care and even though it's common sense they don't do much study. I have 3 free days b4 the exam and I plan to do a lot of study. This includes relearning different stuff. About...
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    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    Thanks heaps. But I made a big mistake not mentioning that there are 2 others in my class. Yeah, sorry, I suppose I've wasted your time but consider this. Internal marks C 67/100 D 50/100 approx Exam marks C 70 D 55 In regards to setting the mean of the moderated...
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    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    What about this case? The subject is business studies. The school marks for 1st and 2nd are 73 and 68 but for the predicted external exam marks, 2nd place gets a higher exam mark than 1st with 93 while the student ranked 1st gets an exam mark of 75. Does that mean the moderated exam mark for the...
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    Qantas and Sydney Aquarium case studies

    Anybody who is using Qantas, what is the case study book like? This may seem a bit crazy but if I got the book now, even though the exam is very near, and studied it ALOT would it be possible to gain the relevant knowledge to use in Section IV. And yes I do know it's pricey. How many pages is...
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    2009 trials. what did you think?

    What about qu28. (iii) on the CSSA trial? Something about the answers that were sent were wrong, so I was right at 1st and then apparently wrong. anyway its on prob - After how many turns will the prob of the game continuing first fall below 1%. What really was the right answer?
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    ATT: Global case study/ies

    Where do you get that? So it has methods and reasons for expansion hey?
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    ATT: Global case study/ies

    Has anyone got any notes or suggestions on global business case studies that I could use quickly as we were given the hint that section 4 in the trial is on global so if I know a case study for all the global topic wouldn't that be an obvious advantage. Also, is anyone on here using OrotonGroup...
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    Full marks

    Yeah I mean 74 students not 74%. Thanks.
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    Stanard English aims.

    Is anyone on here aiming for the 90s (band 6) or 80s?
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    Full marks

    Are they they the actual nuymbers for band 6's? Where are they from or where do u get the % info from?
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    Stand. Eng. aim.

    Is anyone on here aiming for the 90s (band 6) or 80s?
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    Is it too late?

    Is it too late? I couldn't say I've been consistent with revision and writing practice but is there anybody like in bus. studies and are wondering if it's too late to really get a good grasp of the course and a high mark. Also, what's the best way to study case studies such as finding the...
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    Related text - The kite runner

    Is any one else using The Kite Runner (book) for a belonging related text. Any techniques, analyses, ideas etc. - relating to belonging - about this text woud be great.
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    Standard English

    G'day everbody. So there's less than a year left of my HSC Are there any Standard English, Band 6 achievers (2008) on here. I want an insight into the level of writing that is expected to achieving high in Standard English. So any help, and maybe any examples of writing pieces (essays etc.)...