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  1. cuivienen

    Enrolment Variations 07

    Are online enrolment variations down or something? I've been trying to access it through MyUni for the past week and nothing! All I get is a blank page. I really want to change one of my courses without having to go queue up at the Student Centre :confused: Don't enrolment variations stop second...
  2. cuivienen


    I have a question about "customising" your timetable. Once you customise it and you are happy with what it looks like, what happens next? I remember reading something like "we cannot guarantee you this exact timetable." So starting next week, do I attend classes using the original timetable...
  3. cuivienen

    Dux of the Year Speech

    Well I just got a phone call from my school today, saying that I was 2004's Dux of the year (which was quite unexpected)... I'm now supposed to create a speech about HSC year, the experience and some positive advice, for the 2005 candidates. I was hoping some of you guys could give me some...
  4. cuivienen

    Question about the BAC Arts Course

    I got two offers today :) One for Bachelor of Arts and one for the Advanced Arts course. I'm sort of thrown off by the fees associated with the latter course, and will probably enter the Bachelor of Arts... But what is really racking my brain is that the Second Year courses (in English)...
  5. cuivienen

    Who Kept the Exam Paper?

    It was a nice pretty and colourful booklet...better than any other exam paper :) Did any of you guys keep it?
  6. cuivienen

    Information needed about Assessment Task Notifications

    I would like to know if i can get a hand on a document from the Board of Studies which says that we students need at least 2 weeks notice for any assessment task. I have read this somewhere and have not been able to recover the information...anybody having this information and could share it...
  7. cuivienen

    Yet Another *sinister music*...Question

    Yet Another *sinister music*...Question [artist's statement] Newbie here *waves* I was just hoping i could impose a question here, and gain a justified answer...as my teacher is not entirely good at giving those :rolleyes: Ok, i am doing a large, very abstract painting for my major work...