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    Anyone taking Bachelor of Translation??

    Canberra is not cheap. ANU has an excellent Asian Studies faculty.
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    So much to pack!!!

    tv's are great - laptop screens arent as good for watching things on. laptop with tv out and av cable to tv is perfect.
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    still got mine on my keys. it has more than paid for itself.
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    Information on Accommodation

    bring them if yo uwant to use them...nothing really provided except stove, cupboard and benchspace.
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    Information on Accommodation

    I know. I use it.
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    Information on Accommodation

    student network? what is that lol
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    Combined degrees

    youll do slightly fewer units in each degree in the combined degree than if you had picked it alone, so each degree will cost 'less' but overall, yes the cost will be greater because you'll be at university for longer.
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    Ranking Myths

    The assessments seem to be a pretty good reflection for most people on how they'll do in the exam. In practice, I was ranked about 3rd or 4th for most of my subjects and got a mark halfway between my assessment and exam marks. If you bomb one of either your exam or your assessments, the...
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    Malpractice Incident

    The problem giving those responsible got a 0 is that some people might just get away with it. Best to do better next time, treat the first as practise!
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    Scholarships for 2007

    Also find out whether there are any general scholarships for people going to uni from your school or in your area. Often those ones aren't awarded some years because nobody applies since nobody knows about them.
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    Does the uni really matter?

    The best students will likely go to Sydney, however, so if you're any good you'll get some great marks at UWS (bell curve) which will more than likely offset the reputation benefits of USYD.
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    the OFFICIAL Guns N' Roses thread

    Bad Apples? The Garden of Eden? Shotgun Blues? Get in the Ring? Locomotive? I'd miss Use Your Illusion without all of these. They're all classics, and although another year or two working them live might have improived them, the albums in retrospect should not have been shortened (except My...
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    I was wondering.....

    do med postgrad.
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    yes, lots...espescially amateur, there's sport for all levels. check the relevant clubs and societies based around those sports. usyd has LOTS of spot. the gym at ANU is $150 a year at the moment but will go up after VSU comes in (for next year) and it is very well equipped, which I think would...
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    BOS University Guide: A Complete Guide to 1st Year Uni [A Work In Progress]

    Re: Things you should know about universities, and choosing. Choose a university based on potential lifestyle. Then choose your course.
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    How often do Gleeson and Gummow draw pistols at dawn?

    She looks identical to her photo in real life.
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    Bored as crap?

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    torts on web ct

    I've been checking it on the law.anu website. I can't believe they think themselves above the webct!!!
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    the OFFICIAL Guns N' Roses thread

    LO-fuckin'-L - a bit commercialied? They were just about the biggest band in the world from the beginning...they abused drugs, declined in quality (and became less prolific) and eventually collapsed into the void they're stuck in now. But a great hard rock band, better than all the rest and I...