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  1. bahodl

    Composer Roll Call! Liven Up This Sub-Forum!

    Hi all - it's so great to hear from other composers! I love it and have been composing since year 9 before I really had any musical training - I guess ideally I'd be writing music for film but yeah good luck to all of you who have applied to places! Course: University - B Arts (Media and...
  2. bahodl

    Favourite Movies.

    Off the top of my head some of my favourite movies are: braveheart v for vendetta monty python and the holy grail the lion king the emperor's new groove aladdin the party a knight's tale fifth element true lies (hehe arnie is awesome) pirates of the caribbean the three musketeers...
  3. bahodl

    What HSC marks did you get?

    I think you will get it
  4. bahodl

    Semester II Exam Results (2005)

    nah im trying to transfer to media and it said it was sorta a prerequisite so i thought i might as well do it
  5. bahodl

    Semester II Exam Results (2005)

    University English: 80 Renaissance and Reformation: 85 Language in Social Context: 87 Concepts of Music: 85 Overall WAM for first year is 83
  6. bahodl

    The Sydney Conservatorium Students Thread

    hey chepas - winsome evans' concepts of music class this semester? It's good to know I'm technically a Con student as well now :), and yeah some Con units would be fantastic if it was feasible...
  7. bahodl

    What is the best trilogy of books or series?

    The best series is the set of books by Raymond E. Feist, starting with the Magician, that are set on the world of Midkemia. Awesome characters, plots and peripheral information
  8. bahodl

    Specific questions

    lol thx....
  9. bahodl

    Specific questions

    why yes I did go to S.I.H.S. - Say hi to Mrs Munro if u see her for me (from Rohan) the Cleo questions seem pretty good - we thought the donations/eastern acquisitions would be in there last yr. And Mrs Munro was right - they could go back to 5,8,12 at any time! lol Sparta short answer...
  10. bahodl

    The Sydney Conservatorium Students Thread

    I was thinking about doin composition at the con. Anyway instead im just doin music in my degree at Uni - - so pissed off i missed the concert. what a pointless post...
  11. bahodl

    Section II - Ancient Societies

    No - you definitely won't get marked down. Everybody uses different textbooks etc. and so a source number is pointless as it would be different in different publications. The mere fact that you included a source or two will get you brownie points tho :D
  12. bahodl

    Specific questions

    Hey - I did the ancient HSC in 2004 (We did Cleopatra, Sparta, Old Kingdom Egypt and 'Egypt from the Unification to end of 6th dynasty' or whatever it was. I was just wondering if any of you guys remembered the specific questions (both essay and short answer) for those periods and if you...
  13. bahodl

    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    97.95 - stoked except that i screwed my strongest subject and i woulda got 98! and damn 9 units in all rounder list! ... nah stoked in general :)
  14. bahodl

    Official HSC Results Thread: So how did u go?

    stoked for most except i shoulda done better in music and ext.... coulda should woulda watever (dont hate me for not being happy with the marks - i have my own standards) and im completely stoked for ancient - i cam first in the trial and got 89!: ancient: 96 english: 91 ext eng: 47/50...
  15. bahodl

    arrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhh! One more day!

    same here - so scary but so out of one's control
  16. bahodl

    Can't you have a long relationship without s_x??

    of course you can as long as u communicate it to ur other half and make sure u both understand how u feel if thats what u want
  17. bahodl

    Schoolies Is Trashy!!!!!

    soulja is right here - its not as if u have to involve urself in the parts of it u dont like tho its prolly also wise to be careful...
  18. bahodl


    Sarah McLachlan - Do What You Have To Do What ravages of spirit Conjured this temptuous rage Created you a monster Broken by the rules of love And fate has led you through it You do what you have to do And fate has led you through it You do what you have to do ... And I have the...
  19. bahodl

    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    it used to be on normal tv (for a very short time) - dunno it might be on the comedy channel or something
  20. bahodl

    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    family guy rules - stewie and brian are awesome lol