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  1. Jos:)

    HSC Biology and English Tutor! 2023 Baulko Grad

    All good, happy to help! I did Ext Eng in Year 11, but not in Year 12. Not sure if I would be the best fit because I haven't touched/worked with the rubric in over a year.
  2. Jos:)

    HSC Biology and English Tutor! 2023 Baulko Grad

    Hey man, Happy to answer your questions. I am happy to do that for sure (just let me know the texts). To confirm, I was not overall first in English (sadly). I ranked overall in the Top 25. However, I did come first in certain assessments as I mentioned above (the first common mod assessment. I...
  3. Jos:)

    HSC Biology and English Tutor! 2023 Baulko Grad

    Welcome! Do you want to increase your marks in HSC Biology or English? Do you find Year 11 and 12 Biology too content-heavy? Is English just something "you're not good at"? Need a tutor who is actually passionate, experienced, and supportive? You’re at the right place! About Me: Biology -...
  4. Jos:)


    pentel energel 1.0 metal tip one
  5. Jos:)

    Being mentally ill and doing the hsc

    Hey, Hope you are doing alright man. Would you like to discuss more through PM? Hopefully, I can give you some valuable advice.
  6. Jos:)

    Seeking advice to prepare for Edutest and NSB 2024 Year 9 transfer tests

    few questions: 1. Why do you want to transfer to another selective school? 2. What extracurriculars do you do? 3. How have your grades been?
  7. Jos:)

    Year 11 Reading to Write

    yea 100% short answers are hard to master really so you need to do heaps of practice. look at paper 1 for hsc and trials and start practising as they have short answer
  8. Jos:)

    Practice Questions for year 11 chemistry and physics

    excel isnt that good -- very basic. year 11 is sort of limited ngl it is much easier when you get to yr 12 there is much more available. perhaps you see the atar notes topic tests or perhaps dot point (then again they r also easy).
  9. Jos:)

    concentration geaph (M5)

    as you can see here, i have tried to show how the change has been consistent with D's stoichiometric ratio @synthesisFR @kractus
  10. Jos:)

    concentration geaph (M5)

    the stoichiometric ratios in option C are not reflective of the diagram/graph. We see the change to be equal in amount for all constituents so D is correct. What most likely happened was a change in decrease pressure which caused all of the species to decrease in concentration rapidly. in order...
  11. Jos:)

    Prelim content (galvanic cells) in HSC

    also in terms of yr 11 content vsepr structures are important for mod 7
  12. Jos:)

    Need help with these chemistry questions

    first question abt the indicators. An indicator is a weak acid or weak base that will change colour in the presence of another acid and base. The suitable eqn will be H+ + Ind- <--> HInd (all aq) This is a suitable indicator as it has two different colours that change within a given pH range...
  13. Jos:)

    Is it too late to do math Ext1

    What do you feel are the benefits of doing 3u math? What other subjects are you doing?
  14. Jos:)

    Can someone give me motivation to get through English Advanced?

    maybe sumn to consider is that most if not all selective school students must do eng advanced -- some of us are not very good at it but I think it's important to let go of the limiting belief that you "aren't good at english" bc it only limits your ability to actually improve. fr sumn I had to...
  15. Jos:)

    How to Get Better At Theory Based Responses

    I think the best way is to "sign post" your answers esp in phys using dot points to show exactly what points r req for those marks. If you don't understand content, this is an easy way to find out when practicing, but also it allows the marker to see quickly what you know and where the marks are...
  16. Jos:)

    Tips and advice on how to memorize notes better

    if learning is something you are really really serious about join iCanStudy by Dr Justin Sung -- its an investment $$$ but i think it is worth it.
  17. Jos:)

    can i still get a band 6 or even 5 for english??

    What was ur rank, and how are you at English generally? is there anything you are notably lacking in?
  18. Jos:)

    Tips and advice for revising for english advanced (HSC Level)

    Assuming you have learnt the text, then revision would mean not learning the text? I think to revise, you should make practice paragraphs for each theme, idea, character, etc (what ever is best for your texts). develop a mastery of the base level techniques, and begin to work your way up into...
  19. Jos:)

    best school for maths?

    nah man syd grammar has an exceptional faculty. It is the only schools (esp in chem and phys) that my tutors can't fault. heaps of tutoring places like ngo use syd grammar in their exams as well.
  20. Jos:)

    lowkey messed up

    Depending on your school and the strength of your cohort, your trials heavily disrupt the ranks and so you 100% have a chance in getting a b6. rmbr, we only see the school marks, but theres heaps more that goes into your actual assessment mark.