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  1. Rekkusu

    Single.. Who has never had a Girlfriend/boyfriend?

    Yeah same here strangely. never had gf. Guess I was like the op, sort of failing at reading signs and making the moves. Worst thing is, how do you make the move on someone you've never worked or talked to in a lecture or tutorial. Guess it makes it harder in that I'm post-grad atm. The only...
  2. Rekkusu

    CHEM1011 vs CHEM1031

    Lol chemistry is a WAM killer just like BIOS1011. Back in my days (damn i feel old), chemistry was the worst controlled faculty. Not sure if that nick guy still teaches, but he's shithouse. Organic chemistry gets taught all over the place in CHEM1021/CHEM1041. They talk about A + B = C, and...
  3. Rekkusu

    Which Uni Has The Hottest Girls???

    LOL The god poster who said that high iq chicks are fugly compared to low iq chicks is 100% on the money. God damn, medicine has the worst looking chicks in history. Usually asians are ok-looking, but man the ones in high tier degrees look like they've smashed their face against a...
  4. Rekkusu

    Studying @ UNSW – a guide from a student

    Re: Textbooks / Handbooks / Student Fees Having gone through undergrad and post-grad. I'd recommend to all university newbies not to buy prescribed textbooks immediately. It's better to wait 1-2 weeks into the course, see if the lecturer actually says that you'll need to answer questions from...
  5. Rekkusu

    Semester 1 UNSW Chatter Thread

    Re: general UNSW chit-chat Lol be thankful that you have almost 2 months still before you start uni. Wait till you do post-grad or start a job, then you'll be wishing there'd be more holidays Some courses start in mid January :X
  6. Rekkusu

    Med Sci / B Sci 1st year Books! - Brand new & cheaper than unsw bookshop!

    Hey Guys, For all you guys entering UNSW this year, CONGRATULATIONS!! Here's some of my books, you'll notice that its cheaper than UNSW bookshop prices, you can check the prices yourself at if you don't believe it. Postage for books is at a flat rate of $10...
  7. Rekkusu

    Diploma in Innovation Management

    Been there, done that, but dropped out of it. It seems like a competitive diploma to get into. Trust me, its easy. I've had friends of mine gotten 2-3 fails, and still got into this diploma. Advantages: Extra Dip Inv Sci onto your name. Will businesses want a theoretical diploma or someone...
  8. Rekkusu


    From what I understand. It isn't possible. double degree means 1 major from each degree. i.e. commerce (major in whatever you money-making freaks do) + science (i.e. medical microbiology) Trust me, once you hit the end of 1st or 2nd year, even just completing the science degree part kills...
  9. Rekkusu

    B Sci - Double major

    Yup most of us have done it. And yes it is possible to get a WAM of 75. Study hard. Time managemtn ++++ 2 majors just means your subjects will be varied. u will still be doing 4 courses like ur law buddies or economics friends. Just keep in mind the optom transfer program was instituted...
  10. Rekkusu

    Present from Dr_Fresh to potential medical students

    Interesting pathway flowchart. Be sure to add Bond uni as well ;) You can do it straight after year 12, or during your undergrad years.
  11. Rekkusu

    How can I become a gp?

    Do an MBBS. Easier said than done, and its a bloody long path. Head to our other forum - PagingDr. Loads of us students are there and can help u out more specifically. Check out GAMSAT at Acer for more details regarding the medical school admissions test. If you haven't done a degree yet /...
  12. Rekkusu

    70 WAM. Easy or difficult?

    How much you put in is how much you get out. Pretty hard to fail in Uni I reckon. 1st Year Chemistry & Biology in Science is understandable cos its badly taught, badly run and only good for those who've done biology and hard core chem in HSC. By 2 years onwards you'll get a much higher WAM cos...
  13. Rekkusu

    Bachelor of Biomedicine

    Depends whether u want to invest that extra year of hons after sci. If u do - biotech, micro, environmental science, safety science (mining) you can easily work in research labs, prepping material for other researchers or even hons/phd students. Salary is crap around 40 starting. (RA)...
  14. Rekkusu

    Medical Science at UNSW or USyd?

    Personally I'd choose just a plain old sci course, you're not bounded by Med Sci to choose this and that. With Sci you can simply follow a Major (i.e. Physics) and stick with it. Any leftover slots in each semester can be used to do elective courses (easy grab for marks --> higher WAM). Not to...
  15. Rekkusu

    Any thoughts on Speech Pathology, Physio and Neuropsychology?

    - Speech Pathology Course Structure: Learn all about the anatomy & Physiology of ear, muscles for jaw movement, etc. Not much clinical contact. Primarily theory based. 2 Years Masters if you've done a degree before. Not very competitive, easy to get into. Clinical Contact: Work with doctors...
  16. Rekkusu

    Is it difficult to get into optometry

    Once u graduate, your starting salary tends to be around $45K to $50K in some places. Max is about 90 to 100k. The Best benefits u'll get after u graduate is a $1000-$1500 limit on buying any glasses/lens every year as u work at say opsm. Other than that, salary's shit, job's just real boring...
  17. Rekkusu

    Is it difficult to get into optometry

    easy to get into. Shitty salary. Also monotonous job. Try shadowing an optom for a day or two.
  18. Rekkusu

    Why the hate on pharmacy?

    Love ur use of 'inbreeding'. Unfortunately as with any profession, no matter how hard it is to get into, we get idiots inside. Here's the story - night before med interviews, his friend (call him John) calls Jason, "can you head over to this cafe and help out this pre-med girl for her...
  19. Rekkusu

    Your First Ever Crush - Where Are They Now?

    She's doing B Edu at UTS. But god she's unattractive now, gotten a bit fat, not sure if its her genes or the education teaching (sitting on a chair all day long)
  20. Rekkusu

    Med without Bio?

    rofl. Thank god that guy doesn't need to know that for med. hahhaa classic quote about the "ape and shit"..