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    Scoring 96+ HSC Mark in Advanced English

    Most state rankers and high Band 6-ers use original analysis to set themselves apart from the rest of the cohort, who are using generic analysis. Not sure how you solve the problem of the lack of past papers though.
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    Scoring 96+ HSC Mark in Advanced English

    In addition to answering the question, you need to be able to write with both flair and sophistication.
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    how do you use the english syllabus?

    There is an English rubric that you can find on the BoardofStudies website. It outlines the various concepts that you can be examined on in the AOS and Modules, so it's well worth the read.
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    AOS Question Help

    A good place to start is the AOS rubric provided by the BoardofStudies. It outlines numerous belonging concepts which students can use and be examined on. Find which concepts relate best to 'The Crucible', and then you're on your way to a great essay :)
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    Song as a Related Text?

    Perhaps try using a music video version, as it adds a visual element to the lyrics. HSC markers often like music videos, especially ones that they can relate to.
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    What would be your crazy/insane related texts for your Belonging essay?

    Try to avoid those blockbuster films as related texts, as teachers often look down on them. Search for recent texts, but ensure they are academic and intellectually appealing.
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    UMAT VS Trials

    If you're serious about doing Medicine, then UMAT is definitely a priority.
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    HSC 2013 MX2 Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2014 4U Marathon
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    Should i drop extension english?

    Continue with it if you're doing well. Personally, I regret dropping Extension English after Year 11
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    need some advice!

    Just do the subjects that YOU think will maximize your ATAR
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    UNSW O Week 2014 chat thread

    Soooooo... what actually happens on O-week? Are there just the seminars/lectures, or are there fun events?
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    How did you get a band 5 or 6 in Physics?

    Do past HSC questions consistently throughout the year to complement your general study of the syllabus.
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    Slingshot Effect

    As the space probe passes by the planet, the planet's gravitational field draws the probe towards it and 'swings' it around at a faster speed, due to the slingshot effect. Here, due the conservation of angular momentum, the momentum of the planet is transferred to the space probe, which...
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    ARC @ unsw

    How do you join Arc?
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    How long does it take to memorise an essay?

    It took me 6+ hours per 1k essay, but that's probs because I have a shit memory (and got stressed under pressure). Most people usually take 3-4 hours.
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    Does Law suit me

    Yea, based off what you just said, it doesn't seem like you're that interested in law, probably drawn in by the high social status. You really should be asking yourself if you're actually interested in law, and whether you will enjoy (and be successful) in the field.
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    How do you get into dentistry?

    I think UQ is based on both ATAR and UMAT (and maybe interview?)
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    UNSW ID cards (2014 students)

    Why is the contrast for the photos so badddd? It makes me look so black :(
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    Medical Physics v Quanta to Quarks

    Yea, this is a very strange order...