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  1. enak

    New Combined BE/BCom for 2005

    lol, its just the midsession, i dont think ur wam will drop below 6 anyway
  2. enak

    New Combined BE/BCom for 2005

    half half, u will make it in, ur first semester was like 6.5 wasn't it?
  3. enak

    New Combined BE/BCom for 2005

    Accounting, are you insane? :D
  4. enak

    New Combined BE/BCom for 2005

    Haha, leave out afm1b and put in something else, what are you gonna major in?
  5. enak

    New Combined BE/BCom for 2005

    lmao, ive leaving afm1b until my last sesion at uni :p (not a prereq for anything else)
  6. enak

    New Combined BE/BCom for 2005

    Yose, did u email ken?
  7. enak

    Exam Bitching

    OMG qmb! I wish it was in the arvo, would of had enough time to study for it :p
  8. enak

    Welcome to Faculty of Commerce and Economics

    Yes, enlightening :p
  9. enak

    Exam Bitching

    :lol: :) Hahaha
  10. enak

    GPA Average and transfer to unis

    It doesnt really work like that. The calculation is right, but the cutoffs are different, eg the unsw law uai cutoff is 99.3, but the nrsl cutoff is about 95.6 IIRC. From that I assume all if not most courses nrsl cutoffs are made in a similar manner.
  11. enak

    Co-op BIT Course...

    My friend got in and he just bullshited his way through it. I should have tried for the interview :(
  12. enak

    are there alot of girls doing the course?

    lawforever could you edit your signature, I think having a pic that big is just too much. Thanks.
  13. enak

    Good Luck to all!!!

    Yay, I actually managed to study today, almost covered a whole course! Start exams on monday :(
  14. enak


    omfg, wat a waste of bandwidth, I'll only watch this at the uni comps :p
  15. enak

    unimail down?

    Unimails fine, no deleted emails :)
  16. enak

    Transfer From Bsc To Comb Sci/law

    The highest GPA -> UAI score is 99.5 and it stops at 6.5, so 8 HD's would be the same as 4HD's and 4 DN's. But then you probably would need at least a 92 uai to have a chance at transfer (half UAI half GPA)
  17. enak

    Keep it or Lose it

    1800 55 1800 Call someone who cares
  18. enak

    Alien vs predator

    I agree, this movie was shithouse.
  19. enak

    acct midsession

    Where do you get the results?
  20. enak

    movies or theatre?

    Theatre by far.