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  1. Shell

    The I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK thread

    i surely am. 5 years in august. shit thats a long time eh? so how was Pink? lots of fairy sluts there? i dont even know what kind of people would go to a pink concert.
  2. Shell

    Exam timetables

    ^^ ewww mines 15th, 18th, and 28th. i wish there wasn't such a massive gap between the 2nd and last exam.
  3. Shell

    The I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK thread

    um no? But i saw a really hot picture of him in last months Cosmo i think it was. He was wearing a flanny. *drool*. This thread is STILL here? HAHAHAHAH cool.
  4. Shell

    My timetable

    It doesn't matter that you have tutes after your lectures. You wont have tutes in week one, so when you do have them in week 2, you will be discussing what you learnt in week one's lecture. As for squishing it all in on 2 days, i guess it all comes down to personal preference. Do you have to...
  5. Shell

    Final Results

    ohhh sweet lord. i passed everything. and a credit in management. THANK YOU ANGELS!! i truly believed that i had failed business law again. how is it that i managaed to smash teh final this time?! i failed all the assessments, and i did nothing new in the final. oh well. NOT COMPLAINING...
  6. Shell

    The I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK thread

    i'll also bring Casey Donovan for you.
  7. Shell

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: The Tattoo Thread (merged) i want to get a massive picture of Delta Goodrem all over me. In fact, i want a tattoo of Deltas face over my own.
  8. Shell

    The I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK thread

    lol oh man, you should marry Milla or something. then have orgasms just talking about lucas fagatron neill.
  9. Shell

    The Prestige

    i saw this last night. i freaking loved it. what an awesome movie!!
  10. Shell

    The I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK thread

    hahahha nicholas you owe me like, $50 now, this thread is STILL alive.
  11. Shell

    Can someone please give me an honest opinon?

    Basically, i went to uni to learn. UWS teaches me just fine. I don't ever want to go anywhere else, i never did. Its so close to home. I can work easily within half an hour of going to/finishing uni. Making friends was just the side, bonus part of getting my degree. I love the people i've met at...
  12. Shell

    greattt bag brands

    JAG bags are effing hot.
  13. Shell

    New Name :(

    how about Shell. :). its an awesome name. Its different to Shelly. What about Shelby? some people call me that.
  14. Shell

    Oh My God Stop Waxing and Shaving Now!

    Stef, i think you're a freak. As if not feel it!
  15. Shell

    Australian Idol 2006

    thank god they arent bringing out his album in the next 2 weeks or whatever it normally is. give him some time. i'll be buying it straight away whenever it comes out.
  16. Shell

    So You Think You Can Dance!!

    oh. my. god. That guy that did the 'popping' or whatever its called was just incredible!!!!!!!! hahah that guy with the ginormous lips.
  17. Shell

    Australian Idol 2006

    I'm pretty sure the final is next Sunday. 26th. i also want to know what theyre singing.
  18. Shell

    False Eyelashes

    HAHAH yeah, im ok. That was about 2 years ago. It left no scar. It was only a cut on the very outer corner of my eye, coz thats where she was placing the lashes. But god, how much blood do you think is behind that tiny bit of skin? A few drops? NO. It bled for ages.
  19. Shell

    Recommended Sequence In Handbook

    Well im not sure about the end part of your post, but in my handbook (b business accounting), theres a unit in the second year section, but it isnt offered til third year. so i dont think you HAVE to do the units in the handbook in the years that they appear.
  20. Shell

    False Eyelashes

    i LOVE false eyelashes. My best friend and I were experimenting on me one day. The ones we had came pretty long, and you cut them down to the length you want. So um...DONT do it this way. She stuck them on my eye first, then pulled out the scissors and attempted to cut them down while they were...