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  1. dezzy

    Reserve Bank Objectives

    Can anyone please tell me the objectives of the Reserve Bank of australia
  2. dezzy

    Uni ----> Officeworks

    hey, thanks 4 that...i found it today..sooo easy!! thanks anyways
  3. dezzy

    Uni ----> Officeworks

    Hey, does anyone know how to get from uni to officeworks in fairy meadow by car?
  4. dezzy

    First day of semester

    omg the train is in like 20mins!
  5. dezzy

    I Have An Interview!!!

    the interview went soooooooo good! im really confident!!
  6. dezzy

    I Have An Interview!!!

    yea, that worry's me a bit but meh, at least it'll be some excitment! lol There was an ad in the paper for the position stating that it was for "casual service assistant" so i take it ill be just serving behind the counter, packing the shelves with the products they sell etc.
  7. dezzy

    I Have An Interview!!!

    one rep 4 you! your too nice! thanks 4 the tips!
  8. dezzy

    I Have An Interview!!!

  9. dezzy

    I Have An Interview!!!

    Yay! I got the call this arvo! Its at an Ampol Service Station- Casual! Thursday, 5:00pm Cant wait!!
  10. dezzy

    Parking at the University.

    Is it recommended to park on the street, now that all permit's are sold out? Im sick of the train alreayd and ive only caught it to the uni 2 times. lol so much for my "ill save petrol and the environment and make use of the public transport system" stand!
  11. dezzy

    Student Card Photo

    Raise your hand if your Photo on your Student Card is Terrible! *Raises Hand*
  12. dezzy

    Anybody write their OWN lyrics/songs?

    i prefer to write poetry...its difficult to write songs i think...especially if you dont play an instrument to experiment with
  13. dezzy

    Bette Midler KISS MY BRASS TOUR

    die britney die!
  14. dezzy

    The X Factor

    they probably wont air the 4th series....i dont think last years series was very popular here in oz...
  15. dezzy

    People who bag schoolies are social retards!!!

    me n my mates saw this chick throw a bottle of vodka at her bf's head on the last night on the beach. we also saw these two chicks havin a slap-fest out the front of the bourbon bar. that was fun!
  16. dezzy

    Online job

    i always send off my resume and cover letter- but keep the references so if i do get an interview they will have something new to read about me
  17. dezzy

    Schoolies soundtrack

    OMG! We forgot PUSHUP!!
  18. dezzy

    ----People With AMAZING/UNIQUE Voices-----

    Christina Aguilera!!! lol
  19. dezzy

    Wollongong University College

    Aww, Thankyou soo much!! That does help! Ok, Rep points 4 u all! Thanks again!!
  20. dezzy

    Schoolies soundtrack

    MC Hammer- Cant Touch This Gwen Stefani- What you Waiting For Alicia Keys- Karma Excellent Thread!!!