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    error in the multiple choice... typical

    oh well if i get that question wrong im gonna go complain, at least ill have an excuse though(although it is rather weak)
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    w00t last two today, now im going to stab my brainn with a liquid knife so i cant remember anything ive ever done
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    forensic chemistry

    yeah i thought it was pretty good, but i wasnt sure of how chromatography advanced forensic science so i could probably get that completely wrong, miss my course by 2 points and become and alcoholic easily enough
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    [Option Topic] Evolution of prgramming languages

    yeah i have to agree, the sample of code didnt show us how to add stuff to the database (as far as i could tell) and there was too much on functional languages, my book only has like a paragraph or two, so i was screwed
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    Co-op interviews!

    i got one for computer engineering but my main choice was civil, im stilll deciding whether i should try for it though
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    Whose getting RSI from the HSC exam!!

    i got it before english exams from rewriting essays and i couldnt move my hand without it killing me for like a week
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    forensic chemistry- help

    our teacher only showed us the finished thing but i think i get it. And for the first one whats the range of solvents, i think thats where im losing it
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    Apology to SDD students..

    i have the same problem with our teacher. He's a mathematics teacher but the school uses him for all the network problems and stuff so hes become our teacher. He reads straight from the book we have even though he has some other one and only listens to one person in the class who always argues...
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    weird HSC questions

    wekll hes a professional photographer so he wont care if they have to order it or its price, so its not d or b, im not sure how to get a though
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    incremental compilation

    so for detecting syntax errors, since they both go through line by line neither would be more effective? I saw this in a multi choice once and i picked incremental because i figured if they both find the errors but incremental only needs to recompile changes then it would be more effective, but...
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    forensic chemistry- help

    yeah it does thanks phenol
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    Post HSC exam depression

    i think ive got this too, i screwed up an 8 mark question in one exam- thats like 1/10th of the exam already screwed, and my other 2 maths and english i screwed up aswell. Now ive only got 2 more but i dont think i can do anything to save my uai now, i almost feel like not even bothering Im...
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    forensic chemistry- help

    can someone help me with the dotpoint "perform 1st hand investigation + gather info to identify the range of solvents that may be used for chromatography and suggest mixtures that may be seperated and identified by the use of these solvents" and "perform 1st hand investigation to cary...
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    Forensic chem electrophoresis in regards to ph

    indeed it isnt, but what you said- made my brain hurt. We wouldnt actually have to know that would we?
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    ASX Sharemarket Game

    i had a go at this once, i went from 46000 to 57000 in a few weeks, so i was pretty happy with that
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    Forensic chem electrophoresis in regards to ph

    I dont think they'd ask a question like this unless the side groups on the acids, when the pH changed, became differently charged. So my guess is (although i dont know what they look like) raising the ph will cause one of them to become neutral and thus under eloectrophoresis would become...
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    incremental compilation

    Can someone please help me out by explaining what this is. Ive read from one book its where "The the interpreter automatically compiles a frequently used section of code, while the remainder of the code is still interpred", in the same book ive seen it say "Compiles each line of source code into...
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    Fast food jobs

    i work at maccas, but i used to work at crazy clarks. Mcdonalds is way to organised for my liking, at my old job i just walked around the aisles for 5 hours picking up toys and avoiding customers.
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    whats an engineer

    Civil engineering might be hard and maths based, but if you were seriously interested in that as a career path it should be something you can live with doing
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    AE dotpoint.

    im just saying you didnt actually say that it extends shelf life and the dotpoint say to explain the use of them, so i fugured it might be necessary