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    What's the grill-to-boy ratio for both Computer Science AND Software Engineering?

    dude dw about the gender ratio. i use to think like you to. I would kill to go back 4 years to switch my business degree to a computer science/software engineering degree. now i have to learn how to code myself because I'm trying do a start up with someone, also if i had done comp sci or sE, it...
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    Selling Physical Modelling Textbook 68037

    shameless self bump lol
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    remember guys, if you fked up your HSC

    Just do well in UNI, participate on extra curricular activities, network a lot and smash that interview. ATAR will mean jack. There is no equal candidate. No interviews are the same. Those employers that ask for ATAR when you already have a degree, don't know what the fk they are doing and they...
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    remember guys, if you fked up your HSC

    atar means jack after high school. nevertherless, gd luck. you can screw up real bad and go to tafe and still do what you want to do. you can get 90 and still do law at usyd or unsw eventually. u can still do medicine at unsw even if you went to tafe. and got like a 40 ATAR.(lolno)
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    Business/ Science

    thats cause you HD everything.
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    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    200 hours + skyrim 400 + bf3 825 + mass effect 3
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    part time work and business degree

    16.5 hours is def not to much a week considering business only has around 12-14 hours a week including lectures as well which are half useless. depends how you manage time.
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    Old Runescape 2007

    runescape peasants
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    UTS Chatter Thread

    lol lectures.
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    2013 UTS Rollcall

    yes you crazy paki.
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    multiplayer games ??

    not a console peasant sorry. but i approve of me3.
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    Any PC Gamers out there?

    bump for lolz
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    this guy.

    this guy.
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    Best 5 games you ever played:

    1. Fallout 3 2. Mass effect 2/3 3. Batman Arkham City 4. Elder Scroll Skyrim 5. Bf3/Pokemon not a console gamer so cant play console exclusive games. Also in terms of playtime: 1. Mass effect 3 2. Fallout 3 3. Modern warfare 2 - for shame 4. black ops 1- for shame 5 Skyrim. (soon to overtake...
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    Selling Physical Modelling Textbook 68037

    bump for first year newbies. would sell for less if needed.