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    Don't really like my degree and unsure of what to do now.

    I actually failed physics (fail as in did not pass) in year 11 - don’t know if that would make things difficult for me in engineering. I’ve heard that uni physics is quite different to high school physics though?
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    Don't really like my degree and unsure of what to do now.

    So I'm currently studying Actuarial Studies at MQ and I'm really not enjoying myself or the degree. Census date is approaching and I'm not sure if I should drop out of the course or not. I don't really know what I actually want to do now, so is it too much of an extreme measure to drop out of...
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    What do I transfer to?

    What drew you into engineering in the first place? If it was the ability to create/innovate, maybe architecture or design computing could be the thing for you? I kinda also hate my degree atm so feel free to PM me and rant haha.
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    How were your marks at the beginning of your HSC year compared to your marks at the end? And what was your ATAR?

    For me, things weren't looking too great by the end of year 11. My cumulative marks were mostly pretty meh - close to failing physics and not doing great in English either. I had a decent start to year 12, given that my lack of effort during prelims didn't burn me out at all. Dropping and...
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    Help..UNSW med school Transfer/Apply (Aspiring medical examiner)

    Check out medstudentsonline - they have answers to all of the above (and more), as well as detailed admissions information for UNSW as well as other medical schools. They operate in the same forum format as BoS so it should be very user friendly!
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    Macquarie Early Entry Scheme For Year 12

    Try local charity organisations, or if you’re religious, volunteer at church on the weekend. Macquarie also has an SRS early entry system which is purely based on yr 11 marks, which is run automatically by the school and UAC, all you gotta do is apply!
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    Subject Selection (Enjoyment vs Marks)

    When it comes to the HSC and gaming the system, you really never know. I did Society and Culture because I thought I would enjoy it (which I did), but expected my mark to be awful because of the major work component - I was up against 4U English students in a written work, however, it ended up...
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    Failed my first Society and Culture Assessment Task HSC

    Regarding the PIP and internal ranks/moderation - this process confused me quite a lot as well. I was initially under the impression that your exam mark (out of 60) would undergo the whole alignment/moderation process ("swapped" etc), with each student's PIP mark being added on top of that - I...
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    Will a HSC mark change affect my ATAR?

    Due to a peer's request for a results check, one of my HSC internal marks has increased, which has resulted in an increase of one of my HSC marks. Will this change my ATAR?
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    How do state ranks work???

    From NESA: “If students are equal on the highest HSC marks in a course, then the following process is used to determine the recipient(s): 1. take an average of each student's exam mark and assessment mark after alignment to performance bands, each to one decimal place 2. take an average of...
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    Maths @ USYD vs Actuarial+Applied Finance @ Macquarie?

    I heard the Dalyell Scholars program is a bit of a cash grab and doesn’t offer a great financial benefit, so I’ll probably forgo that option. Without those compulsory units, I’d have around 24cp in electives to use up. Would that be enough to be knowledgeable in comp sci? Or would it be better...
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    Maths @ USYD vs Actuarial+Applied Finance @ Macquarie?

    I got an email in my spam folder inviting me to the Dalyell section of the info day that was held today, so I assumed that was supposed to be a sort of indicator that I was Dalyell eligible.
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    Maths @ USYD vs Actuarial+Applied Finance @ Macquarie?

    I am deliberating between doing a B Sc / M Math Sc (majoring in Financial Maths and Statistics and Econometrics) at Sydney Uni vs a B Actl Stds/ B App Fin at Macquarie. My ATAR is sufficient for entry into either course, but I'm not sure which one to pick. Macquarie is offering a $10k a year...
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    HSC Marks Thread 2019

    missing out on a band doesn't change much i.e. there is a minimal atar boost by achieving 90 over achieving 89, which would give you roughly the same boost as getting 89 vs getting 88
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    HSC Marks Thread 2019

    English Standard: 89 Maths Ext 1: 97 Maths Ext 2: 99 Economics: 89 Society and Culture: 94 Studies of Religion I: 44 those 89s and 44s :'(
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    Disparity between assessment mark and HSC exam mark?

    I guess some of it is exam nerves, but I’d say my good internal rank is due to some good luck. I just haven’t put much study into eco so I’m not expecting all that much in the exam, but it would be nice if it was balanced by my decent internals.
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    Disparity between assessment mark and HSC exam mark?

    What happens when there is a big difference (15-20 marks) between my moderated internal mark and my HSC exam mark? I’m expecting to get a Band 4 in economics, as I’m really not prepared, but I’m ranked 5th overall internally. My school gets 5-10 eco band 6’s each year, so I’d say that the 5th...
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    Distance education is where you do a subject by correspondence at Sydney Distance Ed HS or NSW School of Languages, so you’ll get packets of work to self learn, alongside some online lessons. It’s not as scary as it sounds, but you’ll have to put the effort in, although seeing that you’re super...
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    As a last resort, but a pretty much guaranteed way to study the course, I’d look into distance education. You’ll have to talk to your careers adviser and maybe your principal, but if you’re keen on doing economics, make sure you do your application for distance early so you’re all good for next...