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    Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Query

    Does anyone know how the AGPT program works in terms of one being a Registrar, exams and becoming FRACGP qualified? Also, I am wondering does the trajectory work as follows to become a procedural GP: 5 yrs med school 1 yr PGY1 (Intern) 1 yr doing a Masters (residency) 3-yrs (Registrar to...
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    BA Prim Educ- Course Code for preparing to teach students with EAL/D backgrounds

    Hi all, I am currently doing a graded honours thesis at UON on students in Australian Primary Schools who have EFL backgrounds and the level of preparation that tertiary institutions provide us with as preservice teachers. If possible could someone tell me what the course code is in your...
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    Introduction to CAFS

    How CAFS helps research skills: http://pearson.com.au/media/401004/9781442515956.pdf
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    IRP How to Guide- For those of you that like step by step instructions.

    Hi guys, Seeing as I have been receiving a lot of questions about the IRP due to its complexity and weighting; I thought I would compile a bit of how to helper guide. Feel free to add other suggestions as well; these are just a rough start for those that are completely lost- if I have time I...
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    Microsoft Access 2007 help:

    Hi Guys, Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between the combo box wizard and the lookup box wizard in Microsoft Access 2007 is? As they both look the same and appear to achieve the same purpose. Does the difference lie between the two when a form is produced from the data...
  6. K

    Practical:- Pharmaceuticals

    Hey guys, We have to do this practical for the pharmaceuticals option. And I was just wanting to know how I can get a constant light purple colour change in my solution? The following equipment that we are using include, pipettes, conical flask, retort stand, boss head and clamps...
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    Equation help!

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows how to solve this equation for R^2 as a little lost as we have just started the yr 12 course and I think that we need to use quadratic equations to solve it the equation is: 12=pi(R^2-1^2) Any ideas on how I would solve this if I haven't learnt...