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    Doing Maths in University?

    Hey guys I have been offered and accepted into USYD project management course. However I dropped maths in year 10 and therefore 3 unit maths work would be too difficult for me even with the bridging course. Anyone have any personal exepriences with the maths? If it is too hard I might just...
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    Project Managemt 2017

    Hi guys I was offered guaranteed place at UNSW and also at USYD for construction management and project management. Both courses have different core contents with USYD including alot of mathematical work, which I think I would find difficult due to not doing extension maths in year 12. Therefore...
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    Legal Exam Thoughts

    What did everyone think of the exam and how did you guys approach to essays?
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    Legal Predictions 2017

    Hey guys, any predictions for crime, consumers or family law?
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    Spanish - Aligning and Scaling

    Anyone know how spanish continuers and extension align with raw marks (cant find any online) and how they scale?
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    Atar Estimate Please

    Hi guys can I get an estimate please? School rank 103 Spanish Continuers- 4/14 90% Legal studies - 3/15 82% Biology - 10/18 63% PDHPE - 2/30 93% Advanced English - 18/20 68% These are my trial marks Thanks for any feedback
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    Raw Marks

    Hi guys, just curious anyone who did their HSC in past few years can you possibly post your raw hsc marks and how they aligned? Especially advanced english or spanish??