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    HSC vs VCE ATAR?!

    scaling is different, assessments are different, exams are different - they're almost incomparable really. but imo, given just how many selective schools there are in NSW, the largest student body of any state in Australia and just how international some of the major population hubs around...
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    Help with choosing degree for next year

    do biomed at melbourne.
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    Uni VS High School

    Good. I like very much.
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    What car do you drive? (the new one)

    MAKE: Ford MODEL: XR6 FG Mk2 sedan YEAR: 2012 LIKES: skids DISLIKES: no double peggas FUN FACT/OTHER/MODLIST: hit a roo a week after i bought it PLANS FOR FUTURE: probably sell it next week PHOTOS: nah
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    NAPLAN:More then half NSW students would fail first HSC test

    i wouldnt have, but i still got shit marks this morning. Dont think what they're doing now is the best idea out there. Get rid of shit teachers, audit faculties which under perform and reward good teachers and maybe you'll get a good crop of students.
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    Uni VS High School

    Does it feel any different though?
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    Uni VS High School

    Whilst this site is buzzing, What are the MAIN differences between learning in Uni compared to learning in High School?
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    Failed Maths Two Unit Exam

    I got 6% in trials. Drew smirk faces and shit all throughout the paper. Will let you know if I failed my HSC on Thursday.
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    Estimate please! x

    So basically you'll get the HSC All Rounders Award. You probably know the answer
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    Australia's sliding educational performance

    Imo some teachers are fucking dumbasses.
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    The use of statistics in legal essays.

    There is no blanket rule in having to use statistics. Using statistics is basically evidence for an argument, so you should use it sparingly and only when it's appropriate. Case studies, articles, statistics are all evidence, so use only the most appropriate ones. I've seen people shitdump a...
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    Tips for memorising essays?

    My tip: Don't. It's almost impossible to memorize an entire essay. However, it's not hard to memorize a good thesis and supporting arguments. Essay plans are better preps than rewriting entire essays. As for the short story, keep a loose idea at the back of your head with a couple of...
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    Donald Trump

    im a minority in every sense of the word and would have voted trump over Hilary 100%. i followed his career years before he was a republican candidate - the media has done so much to shit on him it's crazy - which in some ways became advantageous for him, because the American people are not as...
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    Lend me a hand in the right direction - 90+

    No the numbers I gave are Raw Marks, they will align to Band 5s and 6s. Basically, if you are capable to getting 75% or more in all of your run of the mill assessments and exams - you should not have any problems in getting a 90+ atar
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    "Bamboo Ceiling": Where are all the asians?

    No. These can largely be influenced by culture - no one mentioned race, you're paranoid. The Asian culture is very different to Western culture. I have one Asian parent and one Western parent - their cultures could not be further from the same. In saying this though, it's not a blanket case...
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    afraid of not getting into any uni?

    When your atar is released in mid-December, you will have a small window of time (couple of days i think) to change your preferences if your Atar is lower than the cut-off, regardless, keep your dream course number 1 - as cut-offs change every year. After the window to change preferences has...
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    Lend me a hand in the right direction - 90+

    rank top 5 in all your subjects - hsc marks in high 80s for all subjects should do, or low 80s and one 90s. raw marks are different every year and you can never predict them 100%. However you can look at http://rawmarks.info/wiki/Main_Page to see trends in the past - this will tell you where...
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    How screwed am I for 2U math?

    if you have a good teacher you will be fine - otherwise you're mostly shit out of luck.