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  1. J

    2015 UMAT tutoring (hills district and surrounding areas)

    Hi, I am offering UMAT tutoring to students in year 11 my stats: for 2013 umat S1: 61 S2: 59 S3: 74 overall 95%tile i have just finished my first round of UMAT students and am looking for some fresh students that are keen to get into medicine/optometry/dentistry. i have an extensive...
  2. J

    Medical Physics

    what did you write? i was stumped, other then PET what else was there?
  3. J

    Band 5/6 cut off?

    waht does 75-80raw align to?
  4. J

    General Thoughts: Physics

  5. J

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    hi all, for the graphing questions Q11 D) ii) "sketch teh graph y=f(x) showing all asymptotes. i didn't mention that y=0 is an asymptote but i draw the graph correctly, will they mark me down for not saying it? becuase technically i did "show" it was an asymptote as the dotted line "is" there...
  6. J

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    sooo now that all the smartypants have said their marks what can i pull out with a nice raw 53/100 :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
  7. J

    How much will my bad internal rankings/marks influence my ATAR?

    what are you talking about, its extremely fair, what you do over the year reflects what you get in your final mark....
  8. J

    is it still possible to get an atar above 91?

    i think it is possible, but you're gonna need to blitz your trials and HSC, now when i say blitz i mean top 5 in all your trials and even better in your HSC, now you say "i hardly opened a book before my half yearlies" is what im worried about. Think about the other students. They already know...
  9. J

    ATAR estimate pls reply

    dude that's a borderline 99 English our cohort will do top 60 ish band 6 , physics is gonna be around 15 band 6's, chem 30 b6, bio 20 b6, maths ext 1 is 70 b6 and ext2 is 20 b6
  10. J

    ATAR esitmation please!!

    it's ok as long as i try hard. i can blitz second half and get my 99+ :) thank you all for replying, just wanted to see where i was at.
  11. J

    ATAR esitmation please!!

    brb. gonna go hang myself. (kidding)
  12. J

    ATAR esitmation please!!

    A HSC mark of 85 in ext 2 maths is equivalent to a HSC mark of 90 in physics, 91 in chemistry, 93 in biology. and english is a steady 90 :) nothing i can do about that. so no i can't see what i need to focus on insofar as what will have a larger effect on my atar.
  13. J

    ATAR esitmation please!!

    english Advanced - 74/139 physics - 12/ 74 chemistry - 24 / 80 biology - 7/ 50 maths ext 1 - 40/120 maths ext 2 - 48/56 school is ranked around top 30ish aiming for 99+ what do i need to focus on? if possible can i...
  14. J

    Creative Writing ~ Change

    Once upon a time there was some change. Barack Obama took credit for it and fooled the world. The end. Once upon a time there was some change. Someone picked it up, put it in a vending machine, and bought a can of soda with it. The end. Once upon a time there was some change. Danny became...