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  1. J

    Was that a Maths exam?

    Finished it in 1hr exactly :) walked off everyone was like wtf? Ugly ass test imagine not bringing a calculator to tha tone lol
  2. J


    Gay ass exam
  3. J

    Has Anyone Applied For A illness/misadventure Yet???

    i have one for My chemistry exam and physics exam. I was out of it for 2 weeks with like some crazy ass infections and i was basically dead couldnt move and study etc. But what exactly does this form do lol?
  4. J

    The hsc motivational rap, yes we can!

    i was actually bothered to read every rap
  5. J

    Masturbating before exams.

    I dont think its hard to believe it's just...hard to believe?
  6. J

    Farting in an Exam

    lmao its funny cause so far more girls have farted than guys..
  7. J

    On the day of HSC results, what is given to us?

    So wait the ranking in november is that the ranking of your hsc exam in your year or the assessment rank in school lol
  8. J

    Farting in an Exam

    lol what if you follow through by accident lol you start taking a shit.
  9. J

    Diahorrea during exams

    Yummmmm all i can do is imagine a guys face concentrating in a test tryna keep it in lol
  10. J

    Farting in an Exam

    LMAAOO ah well in my prelim for chem i chucked a bottle across the room and the lid wasnt on lmao 3 papers got soaked...for some random reason i got in trouble..
  11. J

    Farting in an Exam

    lmao i cant be bothered making this all formal for you people to read okay. I just did english. Im never doing it again So KISS mY ASS and then ill fart in your face XD BTW i spent like 10min concentrating tryna fart lmao Nothing came out excpet some guy like 3 rows away did one and i was the...
  12. J

    Masturbating before exams.

    Well that exam screwed me over.
  13. J


    Yay Witness tomorrow!! is it just me that has no idea what the movie is about.Like my teacher played the movie about 300 times in class and every time i had a PSP at the back playing games
  14. J

    13 years of our lives leading up to this moment..

    I'm shitting bricks at the moment, i havnt studied at all. I'm doing pathways so i only do 3 subjects this year but it feels like i havnt learnt anything cause it's gone by so fast i mean i finished year 11 in 12 weeks thats kinda gay so i dont remember jack shit about anything. i mean who the...
  15. J

    Farting in an Exam

    Would you get in trouble cause like it'll disrupt the class especially if its like an epic loud one n crap and stinks the hell out of the room When i mean room i have a year of 20 students so i do the hsc in a class room, so it's possible to stink it up. Not sure about the people who do it...
  16. J

    creative writing

    Stop complaining lol mine was the queerest story ever. It's about love and has some loner in it who tries to act different to impress people bla bla
  17. J

    Masturbating before exams.

    Someone should make a poll. Lets test this theory WOOT WOOT WANKATHON!!
  18. J

    Will i be awarded 0 for this question?

    How long did you people write for? I only did a full page but my writing is real small
  19. J

    Section 3 - Extended Response

    I was spewing i was going hard out with like 3 texts and it said 1 related text. Question was something like Understanding nourishes belonging, Not-understanding prevents it.
  20. J

    Section 1 - Stimulus

    1 and 4 for last question.