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    BIggest difference between assessments and exam marks?

    I hope you're all not talking about the Assessment Marks that the BoS gave you, otherwise you have all been grossly misinformed about what the Assessment Mark actually is.
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    ANY 1 thinkn of Getn der paper remarked!

    Funny because I read that some miniscule amount of people actually got awarded marks as a result of the BOS not typing their results correctly into the computer, I'm thinking less than 10% maybe even less than 5%. I really don't see how the BOS could stuff up 85% of people's results, for an...
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    Yes, your correct psychopath. Just pray that you integrated correctly.
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    Estimate Marks

    In 2003 (or whenever it was) a score of 73/120 (61%) was a minimum band 5. Realisticly I would think that 85+ should get you a band 6. Possibly 90+ depending on how everyone else goes. You've got to remember that the HSC marks given to you are moderated. 80% for the HSC exam does not mean that...
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    4 (c) Probability

    Your pretty close. ii.) 10/42 is correct but can be simplified to 5/21, so lets hope the marker isn't a prick and gives you the mark, as some people are fussy about these things. iii.) P(Of three square chosen are different colour) = 1 - P(Three squares the same colour) Therefore: 1 - 5/21...
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    English Advanced - Raw marks to aim for

    Not sure if this is true, but I was told that: Everyone who drops out after Yr 10 is still ranked for the HSC. They never actually recieve a UAI or any of that crap, but they are still ranked along with the rest of the state. Their rank (the drop-outs) are based on their School Certificate...
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    What marks do you expect/want to get?

    Problem is that everyone thinks that their interpretation of the question, and the opinion that they gave was mostly correct, when in reality they could have been dead wrong. Predict at you own peril. However I do agree with Bookie, Jackal8 appears to be a complete toss-bucket.
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    Drama Exam - thoughts/reflections.

    Brecht question should have been easily predicted. It was from a new dot-point in the syllabus inserted 'THIS YEAR', if you teacher didn't prepare you for that then they should be taken to the back paddock and shot. Its a new dot-point in an overused syllabus, why else would they include it if...
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    Satan wrote that exam

    The Brecht Question was awesome, what are you talking about? You didn't have to agree with it. It was just, 'How and why would u perform it today,' that's a lot better than some of the past questions. If you had see the STC's production of Mother Courage then you would have nailed it, but you...
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    EVAULUATE!! Southern Oscillation Index

    This question wasn't that bad. Pretty opened ended, you just had to 'make judgement based on criteria' as to whether it was reliable for predicting drought for the whole of australia. Because it said 'All of Australia' I said it was unreliable in this regard, however more reliable for the...
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    How much u wrote and wat mark u expect ?

    My friend fot 9/15 for writing only half a page for the creative piece in the trial, it included the marker's comment, 'What a pity you couldn't finish.' The story outlined nothing other than the setting. Basically proved the assumption that markers are spastics.
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    I really don't think it matters. Just pointing out that no where in the syllabus does it ask for you to find information on how to determine the "distribution" or "abundance" of animals.
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    Yeh u see that's why this question was stupid, it all depended on how you thought about it. In fairness the examiners should look at how each person justified their answer and base it on that. I'm pretty sure that all species of mangroves get rid of salt via secreting it through the leaves, and...
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    I wrote that you find out the locusts natural predator and release it into the environment. The thing that pissed me off was the first part, asking for how you would determine the spread of the locusts. This was related to the preliminary course, can't remember which part but I remember...
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    Did you by chance study specifically what ended up being in there?

    I quickly glanced over quarantine before that exam (the last topic in Search for Better Health), and read an article on Mad Cow disease which came in very handy for the cow ear tagging question, as I was able to say how an outbreak of BSE (mad cow) in Australia could be confined to one...
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    I think this question was more to do with geography, in our Geo class our case study was of the mangroves at Homebush Bay. Anyway not that it has much to do with anything, except that taking geo was an advantage in this question. My main problem with this question is that it asks for...