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    Improving Performance ... checklist...

    Yeh id say thats it,i mean i hope thats it because thats all im concentrating on. this options a bastard!
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    i thought it was hard =(

    im not so confident as u guys,but hey atleast its over hoooray
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    platform 46 + scissors crisis

    hey can anyone give me a decent explanation for the scissors crisis or platform 46. all my notes are just confusing me =) Thanx!
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    Indochina Question Predictions

    hey apollo i dont spose u hav a copy of that essay i can hav a peak at? =)
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    Leunig Cartoon

    Thanx for ur help...i appreciate it bout the link to the cartoon,i couldnt find one on the net anywhere ive been trying for months,and no scanner in sight,but thanx anyway
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    Leunig Cartoon

    Hey There, Just looking for some extra help, has anyone here used The Leunig Cartoon If you're such a bright young thing,then how come you wear so much black? If so what techniques/Language features have you mentioned in your essays? I cant seem to write enough so any extra points will...