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    Retreat from the Global

    i did 3 booklets for essay and 2 for creative my hand had a massive cramp!
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    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    wait wat is this 60:40 stuff? explaaainn pplzzzzzzz i liked paper 2 better then paper that a good thing?
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    Retreat from the Global

    ( i use heaney and the shipping news. Shame u didnt get to finish but congrats on officially finishing year 12, i have 2 more to go!)
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    Retreat from the Global

    I thought it was a pretty generous paper. essay was straight forward and the creative was good. It's hard to know how you go but i was expecting this paper to be way harder. I thought last years creative picture was way worse. i was expecting like a feature article or something because...
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    Help with SAM

    Hello.. if anyone does drama for hsc...can someone plz tell me some must haves in a drama essaY? my school has left it to the last minute, and now so have i.. and now i'm concerned. im doing Ruby Moon and 7 stages for the Australian drama part, and meyerhold and le coq for the other hows...