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    The Ship has sailed, my friends!

    Come to umacq, ill make a party in your pants and all your problems will dissolve away =O
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    MQ russian, anyone on BOS?

    Anyone from BOS doing russian? If so what has your experience been like (quality of the lectures and tutorials), how difficult/easy have you found it and if you went on exchange how was that? I'm starting my first year of it next week ( went to spanish in the first week but changed my mind).
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    For those who believe that homosexuality is genetic

    I am pretty sure that all sins are equal in christian mindset yes? Therefore if homosexual sex is a sin then it would be the same as stealing some gum from a 7/11 or adultery or even just coveting what someone else has... so you Name_taken are as big a sinner and as morallly wrong as any gay man...
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    Most ANNOYING things when Driving

    People who block both pumps at a petrol station when there is already a que.. dont bother to move their car before they pay and then do a little grocery shopping while their at it.... i mean fuck off if theres a cue you can just move your car out of the way so others can fill up while u pay...
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    Accord euro, thoughts.

    Well i am quite a new driver yes but i do live in the hills lol, so i guess in that sence a big car shouldnt be too bad ;D
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    Accord euro, thoughts.

    P plater turbo laws FTL :(
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    Accord euro, thoughts.

    Well the time has come and i'm looking to buy my first car and i've been seriously concidering an 04 accord euro. Aesthetically really love the look of the car both inside and as ive tested my mates euro i know that its really great to drive. I've done my research on carsales.. carpoint you name...
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    Teen raped and bashed to death 82 yrs Old Woman

    I think old people around australia would find it offensive you find they are not worth raping.
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    First day of uni, thoughts, stories?

    Yeah it was pretty damn hot. The lecture i went to lasted for like half an hour and we pretty much just signed a piece of paper saying what language we did and left =/
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    First day of uni, thoughts, stories?

    Hey guys, i had my first lecture today (INTS100) as many of you did too, lol i barely talked to anyone and i kinda felt bad 4 it.. i literallly am the most awkward person ever when it comes to meeting new people. though i was glad to see my class seemed pretty diverse. anyways feel free to...
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    VERY VERY URGENT!! reguarding enrolment

    So I am trying to finishing enrolling in my classes but i have one major speedbump... there are literally no SPN101 spanish introductory 1 tutorials left for the first semeseter... What do i do? am i doomed? also... i am enrolled in my INTS100 tutorial but i cannot enrol in the lecture, i'm not...
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    International students of 2010

    Zomg, I'm gonna be doing international studies and i don't really know anyone thats doing it.. as i guess will be the situation with most other people coming to their first year of uni. So our enrolment is in 3 days, what languages/other units are you guys thinking of doing? For the languages...
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    Criminalization of sexual acts

    -I don't think incestual relationship should be supported under any circumstance as its disgusting... -I agree that those with genetic deffects should not be allowed to procreate -Im all for gay people doing what they want to do
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    Ok.. ok this is really getting to me now because im worried i didnt do the write thing. Wasn't the question on the economy something along the lines of "What do sources A and B (the fishing equipment and the fullery picture) reveal about the industry of pompeii and herculaneum, make reference to...
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    I don't think you were meant to talk about anything other then the industries represented by the sources which were the fishing equipment (leads to garum associated products) And the fullery. So wine, fertile soil and vineyards dosn't really come into it lol.
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    The hsc motivational rap, yes we can!

    Man we're struggling with ancient history, this is puzzling us like some kind of procrastinational mystery, but dont let it get to ya head, hear me out, this NEEDS to be said, man just readin this rhyme gonna boost yo street cred.So Looks like we needa get down low n go go go so we can get into...
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    Int'l Studies

    Hi, i'm currently in the midst of my HSC. I'm looking to do Int sudies at either UMAQ or UNSW. Does the degree from UNSW bring greater prestige i.e greater employment opportunities due to the fact you need an ATAR of 95 to enter whereas in you only need an ATAR of 82 to get into the same course...
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    What you hate about UNSW

    Lol, in the midst of my HSC ATM. I'm planning on coming to UNSW for international studies (Major in languages) next year, anyone got any complaints about the faculty that this comes under? Also, lol at the complaints of asians, ive been going to the UMAQ library to study... my god i think that...
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    are you lonely?

    Wanking helps. A lot.
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    ATAR Estimate

    Hey guys 29/120 - Advanced english - 76 % 3/35 - Ancient History - 81 % 4/30 - Modern history - 80 % 7/28 - Economics - 79 % 6/8 - German Continuers (Everyone gets 80 % +) - 87 % My schools rank is 118