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  1. Muz4PM

    Obama/McCain betting odds.

    Yeah, I didn't think things in Pennsylvania would be overly rosy for McCain, but I assumed the odds would be extremely high, and if he was willing to take the risk, he would probably make a a huge load of cash(not having seen the odds) if McCain pulled off an upset in PA, however unlikely it maybe.
  2. Muz4PM

    Obama/McCain betting odds.

    Do they have betting odds for particular states? If you are willing to take the risk you may want to bet on Obama winning Georgia, or McCain winning Pennsylvania. Depends on how much of a risk you want to take and what states you think each candidate will take.
  3. Muz4PM

    Rugby League World Cup 2008

    Yeah, I thought it was Inglis.
  4. Muz4PM

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread Yeah, I know. I was surprised that he made those moves, especially considering the scrap that was going on ahead of him. I think as a lapped driver he is entitle to attempt to unlap himself if he sees a passing opportunity, even though in all probability there...
  5. Muz4PM

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread Lol, credit mainly for the stuff he did over the season. He made a number of mistakes, which show that he probably hasn't completely matured as a driver and there were some races where he was lucky (like Monaco) but you have to get a fair share of podiums and drive...
  6. Muz4PM

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread Hopefully we can lure him back to BMW, maybe to replace Heidfeld if he decides to retire in the next year or two, or if Kubica is lured away.
  7. Muz4PM

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread Against my better judgement, I awoke to watch the race. I am glad I did, it was amazing. Firstly, well done to Lewis, as you may realise, I am not his biggest fan, but credit where credit is due, he did well. Not to take anything away from Massa, he drove a...
  8. Muz4PM

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread Hey, thanks for the heads up.
  9. Muz4PM

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread Lol, I just squeezed my edit in before you posted, and you didn't see it. However, it is shot, so I can't tape it. I would love for the races to be shown live, but then replayed at some other time. I recognise it would be difficult for Ten to do such a thing...
  10. Muz4PM

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread That assists me how? The reason why I was asking was if Foxtel obtained the rights, they may offer replays of such races as opposed to them only being screened once. EDIT: I would tape it, but the tape recorder is bung.
  11. Muz4PM

    Cricket Season 2007/2008

    Yeah, Kerry O'Keefe wrote something in the Telegraph about that, and I thought his piece was interesting and I think captured the thoughts of most people who are currently following the Australian team in India. Draw looks like the best bet, unless Australia can some how knock the seven...
  12. Muz4PM

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread Good to see Massa on pole, now all he has to do is stay at the front. Just a question, Hamilton must finish fifth or better if Massa wins in order to be Champion? Yes? If that is the case, given where Lewis is, and the car he has, I would find it difficult seeing...
  13. Muz4PM

    really tired?

    I get about 6-7 hours sleep a night. I just crashed on the couch for about fifty minutes, probably a combination of tiredness and not wanting to watch the Australian get hammered in the cricket.
  14. Muz4PM

    Cricket Season 2007/2008

    I like Roebuck as well, I think he is a good cricket writer. Another first day, unfortunatley Australia is getting axed thanks to a couple of great knocks. I hope Australia can pull this one out of the fire and get a few quick wickets. I don't rate Watson. I was suprised that he made...
  15. Muz4PM

    Exam Superstitions??

    I always wear my watch on my left hand anyway.
  16. Muz4PM


    I think (please correct me if I am wrong) a mark of about 84-85 scales to be a band six. I assume therefore a mark of about 80 would get something like a mid to high band five? That is just me guessing though.
  17. Muz4PM

    Anyone else finish today after English Ext?

    You guys are lucky, I still have two more to go. It would suck to do SAC.
  18. Muz4PM

    Estimate your raw mark

    Not sure 23/25 Creative 20-21/25 Essay So maybe 43-44/50 raw mark? I don't know. I didn't write all I wanted in the essay, but I covered the criteria.
  19. Muz4PM

    What do I eat before an exam?

    Garlic. EDIT: Now for something slightly more constructive, probably have a larger lunch than usual, just to get you over the 3 O'clock hump of snacking.