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    So what can I throw out?

    I put a lot of effort into my notes too, they were all neatly typed and annotated, and I felt quite sad throwing things out, but so far I've put all my notes into the recycling bin... :S I'll most likely keep my legal notes, cause I wanna be a lawyer :D I also figured that since I never used...
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    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    I loved the King Lear question, I felt really confident with that, but I didn't really like the Emma/Clueless one... I think I rushed the history and memory question, I don't think I payed enough attention or time to my related text for that module... it wasn't a really bad exam, to be honest...
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    General Thoughts - General Mathematics

    No more maths for me either, thank goodness! :D I must say, I found quite a few questions tricky and quite challenging, particularly in the multiple choice section... and once or twice I thought I'd be able to redeem myself in the second part, but I have to admit that I felt quite helpless and...
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    guys ,...i stuffed up biology,...looking at 40-50% tops...anyone did shit as well????

    I found it quite easy, to be honest... I think it just so happened that I studied and focused on most of what was tested... I was dreading biology as the most difficult exam so far, but I must say I felt quite confident after it :/ I finished 45 minutes before the end, and it's not that I...
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    Having a crush on your cousin...wrong or right?

    I know it's so wrong but when I first went to Greece last year at 16 and I first met my male cousin I was smitten with him, he's really handsome and sweet... I guess 'cause I've never met him before I don't really think of him as my cousin, in a way... I love him to bits though, despite that I'm...
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    The SONG that changed my life !

    At the moment I'm loving The Way I R by Timbaland, Wake Up Call by Maroon 5 and When the Dawn Breaks by Narcotic Thrust... I absolutely love these songs... and Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot makes me feel good too.. :P
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    Re: First Preferences? Hmm... I'm not entirely sure what order I'll put my preferences in, but I know that I'll be going for: Arts/Law, Media/Law, or International Studies/Law, at all universities except Sydney. I've seen the marks in this year's UAC guide and I did a double take. I'm aiming...
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    thinning hair

    A lot of my hair has fallen out these past two years too... :S it does worry me because I used to have thick, beautiful curly hair, but now it just looks like a scraggly something or other... :S I've heard so many theories, that if you keep changing the shampoo or conditioner you use, your hair...
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    Dark circles

    Erm... I have the same problem with dark circles.. a lot of make-up or concealer is generally what I go with, it doesn't always work and I haven't found something that stays on the whole day without touch ups... I can't afford much of the more expensive products, bummer. :S
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    I would not get any piercings except maybe my nose, if I ever drift into a rebellious phase... as for tattoos, a small one somewhere not too visible might appeal to me... of something pretty like a horse or a phoenix or a mermaid... or an inspirational word or quote I have not yet come across in...
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    the new ghd styler

    Mmm... I really wanna get a ghd straightener... at the moment I've got a very crap Vidal Sassoon one... it takes ages to heat and it never makes my hair as straight as I want it... :S I don't often straighten my hair, but I've got a heavy fringe I love to straighten... I generally prefer my hair...
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    i brought the preeeetiest dress!

    Mmm... knee-high boots are always hot... ;) I love dresses, though, I absolutely hate pants.. I'm a bit too curvy for pants, and I can never find a better that looks decent on me... flowy dresses with a high waistline are my favourites... I also like the tunic dresses that are around these...
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    why do you wear heels?

    Hmm... I wear heels to make my legs look longer, and because I need the height... :P My mum is a very short Greek lady, and all my ancestors were most likely very, very short... Thankfully I'm not as short as my mum, I've noticed that the offspring of Greeks are getting taller with each...
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    Best shampoo/conditioner for dry/damaged frizzy hair?

    I have to say Garnier Fructis... Long and Strong for me 'cause I'm planning on always having very long hair... I esp. love the conditioner... just running my fingers through my hair while in the shower... it just feels so soft and rehydrated. :P Don't mind my theatrics ;)
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    Mmmm... my schoolmates said that they're looking forward to watching it... I read a review and it didn't sound too good... I guess I'll have to watch and see. :P
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    Chances of getting into USYD law?

    I reckon the marks for Law at Sydney are ridiculously high.. I know they want the cream of the crop, but it's taking it a bit too far.. I'm an above average student at school, I guess, but I reckon it'd take the heart of me to work hard enough to get that 97 or 98... :S I'm definitely looking...
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    Favourite music artists

    Ooh no one's posted, so I might as well post... Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nickelback and the Killers are top on my list! :)
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    Can you just do straight law?

    Why would you wanna do law on its own anyway? Eugh... I really wanna do Law combined with International Studies or Arts... :)
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    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    I wanna watch it but my mother's anti-Potter... she reckons it'll make me EBIL! :mad1: She'd prefer that I read the Bible. Huh.